CBZ Short Story Contest!
Back to WAIL!, October 2002

The CBZ hereby announces its first short story contest. Here's how it works:

- All entrances must be sent to Kristian N. before 10-31-02. Please use .doc or .rtf format. The latter is preferred.

- The short stories must be produced for this contest and have a boxing setting.

- The short stories will be anonymized and given to a jury which will be announced shortly at the CBZ Newswire and Message Board. The latter is also where you'll be able to see what's up with the contest.

- You may include original illustrations, including photographs. Please use a web-friendly format - .gif, .jpeg or .png - and send the files separately. Illustrations do not count towards the evaluation of the stories and will not be shown to the jury when evaluating.

- The winner will be announced in the next issue of WAIL! and will receive a price. The winning story will also be published in the next issue of WAIL!.

- The best runner-ups will be published in WAIL!. The quality and quantity will of the submissions will determine how many stories will be published in how many issues of WAIL!.

- Not more than two submissions per contestant. Not more than five pages per short story.

Good luck!

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