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  As fans of this show know, it gets around a lot of things - arts, music, the entertainment industry, politics - you name it. Occasionally there's a reference to boxing, and this here is (to my knowledge) the first attempt of listing those occasions. Apart from that, it is also my first contribution to the CBZ. I have a hope that it won't be my last, too - who wants to have a list of unequalled sillines and nothing else associated with his name ?
  As can be seen from the list, the most boxing-oriented episode ever is "The Homer They Fall", so I figured an introduction of it would be on its place. Apart from featuring a lot of boxing, this is a quite good episode. It depicts how Homer gets into boxing when he discovers his head can withstand an incredible amount of punishment due to an uniqely thick layer of water which surrounds his brain. He builds up a McNeeleyan record against tomato cans until bigshot promoter Luscious Sweet - he's "exactly as rich and as famous as Don King and he looks just like him too", approaches his manager with a lucrative - albeit most dangerous offer: to meet heavyweight champ Drederick Tatum after his release from prison. The manager (Moe the bartender, himself a former fighter) says yes and guarantees that Homer will go three rounds - and the fight is on...

Have fun with the list,
Kristian Nordestgaard

Note: The number in [brackets] is the production number which seems to be common system to keep track of episodes among fans. The year afterwards indicates when the episode was first aired.

  • Fighters/ fight people who lend their voice to the Simpsons
  • Fighters/ fight people who were spoofed on the Simpsons
  • Miscellaneous

    Fighters/ fight people who lend their voice to the Simpsons:

    Episode: "Brother, Can You Spare Two Dimes?" [8F23] 1992
    Smokin' Joe
    Fighter: Joe Frazier
    What happens:
    Joe announces Homer as the winner of the First Annual Montgomery Burns Award for Outstanding Achievment in the Field of Excellence - a phony award made by Mr. Burns to get Homers signature on a document.

    Episode: "$pringfield (or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Legalized Gambling)" [1F08] 1993
    Gerry Cooney
    Fighter: Gerry Cooney
    What happens:
    Cooney works as an official greeter at Burns' casino, and gets knocked out by Otto, the bus driver!

    Episode: "The Homer They Fall" [4F03] 1996
    Michael Buffer
    Fight person: Michael Buffer
    What happens:
    Buffer announces the fight between "the southern dandy" Homer and Drederick Tatum.

    Fighters/ fight people who were spoofed on the Simpsons:

    Episode: "The Homer They Fall" [4F03] 1996
    Drederick Tatum and Luscious Sweet
    Tatum and Sweet at at press conf... erh, parole hearing.

    Fighter: Mike Tyson - It seems obvious that "Drederick Tatum" is based on him.
    Fight person: Don King - It seems equally obvious that "Luscious Sweet" is based on him.

    Fight person: Mills Lane - The referee for the Tatum/Simpson fight looks quite like him.
    Fighter: Peter McNeeley - This is a bit more interprative, but I'd say Homer's "part" in this episode is more or less based on McNeeleys carrer up to, and including the Tyson fight.
    What happens:
    Homer starts to box, beats a lot of bums and gets to meat the newly-released heavyweight champ Drederick Tatum. Luckilly Homers manager Moe flies in to save him, literally.

    Episode: Viva Ned Flanders [AABF06] 1999
    Fighter: Mike Tyson - "Drederick Tatum", that is.
    What happens: Tatum (with "updated" beard!) and a bunch of other people beat up Homer.

    Episode: "Monty Can't Buy Me Love" [AABF17] 1999
    Fighter: Muhammad Ali
    What happens:
    We see Ali get knocked out by by billionaire Arthur Fortune in a self-promoting video he shows to the customers in his mall. Problem is, it's the Ali of today Fortune knocks out!

    Episode: Simpsons Bible Stories [AABF14] 1999
    Fight person: Mills Lane
    What happens:
    Nelson (as Goliath II in Bart's dream) says "Let's get it on", Lane's trademarked way of starting a fight.

    Episode: Thirty Minutes Over Tokyo [AABF20] 1999
    Fighter: Muhammad Ali
    What happens:
    The boxer (robot ?) at Americatown looks quite like him.

    Episode: Battlesore Galactica [BABF09] 2000
    Fighter: George Foreman
    What happens:
    Marge buys a fire extinguisher endorsed by him and Lynda Carter.
    Fight person: Don King
    What happens:
    Bart sounds like him when hyping Duncan the horse.


    Episode: "Rosebud" [1F01] 1993
    At Burns' birthday we see a slideshow depicting his life. It features the famous picture of Ali standing over Liston - with Burns' head taped over Ali's!

    Episode: "The Homer They Fall" [4F03] 1996
    The title of this episode is obviously a spoof on the 1956 movie "The Harder They Fall".
    Also this:
    By George Bellows  From The Simpsons
    To the left, the George Bellows litograph "Dempsey and Firpo" (1923/1924). To the right, a cap from the Simpsons. No further comments.
    ...And this:
    Homer and Moe or Rocky Balboa and Paulie from the "Rocky" series ?
    ...And this:
    Raging Bull?
    Homer or Jake Lamotta in "Raging Bull" (1980) ? Note the b/w "footage".
    ...And (finally!) this:
    Let's see if we can make an extra buck!
    A toy made by Playmates Toys.

    Episode: "Days of Wine and D'oh'ses" [BABF14] 2000
    The comic "She-Hulk Vs. Leon Spinks" is featured. This is obviously a reference to "Superman Vs. Muhammad Ali".

  • Compiled by (kristian_nordestgaard@hotmail.com). Comments and corrections welcome.
    Thanks to The Simpsons Archive for providing some of the info. Caps of Frazier and Cooney from Actualidad Simpson, background and logo from Omar's Simpsons Site.

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