WAIL! | The CBZ Journal | February 2004

We're Back

By Mike DeLisa

In the spring of 1995, I began working on the first issue of the erstwhile "AOL Boxing Newsletter," which over the past decade has morphed into WAIL! At various times since then, one or more of the people responsible for putting out the magazine has "burned out." Hell, I think I've burned out three or four times in the past five years alone.

More than once GorDoom and I have commiserated during a late-night phone call. "Should we fold this damn thing?" "Do you have the money to pay the hosting service, the board fees, etc.?" "Does anyone really give a shit as to whether we publish another issue of WAIL!?"

Well, it seems that you guys do care. Our last volunteer Web master, Kristian Nordestgaard, was in the process of bringing our graphic look to a whole new level. Then, after the April 2003 issue, real life appeared and Kristian was forced to quit his work for us.

Which left me to assemble the next issue. And I simply could not get motivated to do it. Nor could I squeeze it in as "real life" again took precedence. Yet, the articles and inquiries kept coming. Orion Foote submitted two wonderful articles, months apart. The guilt began to get to me. GorDoom began to bug me. More articles filtered into my mailbox. Good articles submitted to us began popping up on other Web sites.

Then, the word filtered down to me—the CBZ was in extremis.

But before we could pull the plug, new writers appeared. Our bulletin board became active with some of the most well-informed boxing experts in the world. We owed it to them to continue.

And then along came Todd Hodgson. Todd stepped up and began copy editing our backlog of articles. He also took over for Kristian and began the arduous process of formatting the articles into html. Over the past several weeks, the new issue took shape.

So here it is.

We do have some additional articles that will be going into next issue. Articles on Bert Kilroy, Anton Crisoforidis, and several others have been held over to next issue. Some articles, I have to admit, I probably lost. So, you might want to contact me if you want to resubmit.

But, we have our old favorites: Tracy Callis, Tom Donelson, Frank Lotzero, and Ted Kluck all weigh in with contributions.

Dan Hanley interviewed Armando Muniz. "Iceman" John Scully continues where he left off in our last issue. Iceman's first article garnered tremendous response, and we expect this one shall do so as well.

We also have links to two radio broadcasts from the CBZ's massive archives. On the Table of Contents page, we have the complete Louis vs. Baer fight from 1935. On the Cinderella Man page, we have Jim Braddock in Gangbusters, a forgotten broadcast that has been buried for 67 years.

WAIL! is back. And we promise we won't wait 10 months to put out our next issue.

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