"Private" Dan Voyles
("Pounder" Voyles)

BORN   August 2 1888; Dublin, Ireland
DIED July 1968
HEIGHT 6-0 (Some sources report 6-1)
WEIGHT 175-188 lbs


Voyles was a popular light heavyweight and heavyweight who showed great potential early in his career; But, as he moved upward in competition, he encountered difficulty (as everyone does); He won the Heavyweight Championship of Ireland, the British Armed Services Heavyweight Championship and the Irish Guards Heavyweight Championship during his boxing career

Dan fought in the Battle of the Somme during the World War I; There is a well-founded story about Voyles tackling six Germans in a trench (this must have been witnessed by some of his colleagues); He was awarded the Distinguished Conduct Medal for bravery; He left the Army in 1918

Dan trained the Duke of Windsor at Sand Hurst College while he was a gym instructor there; The Duke gave him a gold watch; When he trained the Duke, he was also the manager of the Guinness’ football team of Saint James’ Gate - and very successful in the top league; Voyles worked in the Guinness Brewery

At the time of his passing in July 1968, he had six children and was living a very peaceful retirement

During his career, Voyles defeated such men as Jack Scales, Matthew "P.O." Curran and Harry Croxon

Oct 18 Private Hobson             London, Eng                       W  3
Nov  8 Corporal Styles            London, Eng                      KO  3
          -Perhaps, this man was "Jem Styles"
Nov 22 Arthur Bennett             Aldershot, Eng                   KO  1
Dec 11 Private Smith              Aldershot, Eng                   KO  1
Dec 18 Harry Croxon               Aldershot, Eng                    W  4
Dec 20 Jack Scales                London, Eng                       W  6

Feb 14 Gunner Hewitt              London, Eng                      KO  6
Mar 11 Bombardier Porter          Aldershot, Eng                   KO  1
May 30 Seaman Parsons             London, Eng                       L  2
          -Some sources report "LT 2"
Oct 19 "Bombardier" Billy Wells   London, Eng                      LK 10

       "Bandsman" Dick Rice       London, Eng                       L  3

       -Voyles was the Irish Guards Heavyweight Champion

Jun 24 Sergeant Ford              Dublin, Ire                      LF  5
Dec 20 Matthew "P.O." Curran      London, Eng                      WF  3
          -Heavyweight Championship of Ireland

Mar 17 Packey Mahoney             London, Eng                      LT  6
Nov 10 Denis Haugh                London, Eng                      LT  8
          -Light Heavyweight Championship of Great Britain

Jun  1 Trooper Young              Swansea, Wales                   KO  7

Jun 21 -Voyles was awarded the Distinguished Conduct Medal
           for bravery during World War I
Dec 18 "Bombardier" Billy Wells   London, Eng                      LT  2
          -Heavyweight Championship of Great Britain

Nov 12 Frank Goddard              London, Eng                      LK  3

*** Photos Were Provided By John Voyles, Grandson (of Dublin, Ireland) ***

Record courtesy of Tracy Callis, Historian, International Boxing Research Organization
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