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Girls Night Out, a Knockout

JD Vena

July 29, 2000

BOSTON, MA - Boxing returned to the Roxy last night for the second time this summer, however, your writer almost pulled a Jay Miller (an East Coast term for late boxing writer) because of a detour created by Boston city officials. Apparently, some fellow named Bill Clinton was passing through the area.  Needless to say, I was able to cover a nearly all women's boxing card in front of a standing room only crowd.

    Most fight fans were there to watch Bobby Tomasello, 130, an unbeaten prospect from Saugus, MA, continue his rise in the featherweight ranks.  His opponent was the very durable, Anthony Hardy, also 130 of Washington, D.C.  Hardy had lost a one-sided 6 round verdict two weeks ago to another featherweight Massachusetts native and world-ranked, Edwin Santana from Lawrence.  This time, Hardy lost a unanimous 8-rounder as Tomasello picked up his 14th straight win in as many starts.

    Tomasello used a steady attack, which included vicious hooks to the body and right crosses to the face of his cagey left-handed foe.  Hardy appeared headed for the canvas in the final round as he had in his final frame against Santana, but managed to remain upright as the bell saved him.  Despite losing for the 21st time, Hardy has only been stopped on three occasions.

    Look for a possible turf showdown next year between Tomasello and the battle tested Santana.

    In the opening bout, amateur standout, Ann Marie Francey, 160 won her professional debut by knocking out Suzanne Pasenen, 162, at 1:11 of the first round.  Pasenen stepped into the ring for the first time in her life and took a page out of her cornerman's strategy of quitting.  That man, Rueben James, a Jim Holly prospect, made his debut two weeks ago in New Hampshire and retired on his stool after two rounds with Jose Williams.  The state's chairman, Nick Manzello, as you may recall, has banned Jim Holly, from fighting and working on Massachusetts's boxing cards.  It wouldn't have mattered which clown had worked Pasenen's corner since she carried little if any experience into the ring against the very capable, Francey

    Larisa "The Fighting Irish" Smith, 120, of Buffalo, NY, lost a unanimous 6-round decision in just her second pro bout to Suzanne Riccio-Majors, 117 , of Pittsfield.  Smith started fast, then appeared to run out of gas after midway through the 3rd round as Riccio-Majors scored effectively from the outside.  The win elevated Riccio-Majors' record to 7-7-1.  In attendance was the winner's son, Evander Ali Majors.  And y'all thought the CBZ was into boxing.

    Like Riccio-Majors, Wendy Sprowl is also a mother and has two careers to support her children.  Sprowl is a Union member with Local 133 and punches in for 40 hours a week of shoveling.  Last night, Sprowl, 133, punched in for only 20 seconds for her second job as she blew away Latasha Sheffy, 122, in the first of a scheduled 4-rounder.  Sprowl flattened Sheffy with a picture-perfect right cross to the chin after leading with her left jab.  Referee, Mike Ryan's mandatory count was unnecessary and may have robbed Sprowl for holding the fastest knockout in women's boxing history.  Sprowl has won both of her professional fights by knockout and plans on getting back into the ring next month.

    Dawn George, 135, of Brooklyn, NY thoroughly pounded brave Michelle Sharkey-Taylor, 131 of Pittsfield, MA, before the fight was declared over after two completed rounds.  With pleas to stop the bout from ringsiders, Sharkey-Taylor's corner through in the towel. 

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