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UK Fight Results: Christophe Neyts

Saturday, 03/27/1999, Derby (UK), Derby Storm Arena, Frank Warren, Sky Sports 1:

SUPER WELTERWEIGHTS (6x3): Paul Sammuels UK WTKO02 (1:03) Pedro Carriger UK Sammuels: 13-0/9 Carriger: 6-9-1

MIDDLEWEIGHTS (8x3): Ryan Rhodes UK WTKO01 (end of 1st round) Peter Mason UK Rhodes: 19-1/16 Mason: 6-8/2

SUPER MIDDLEWEIGHTS (4x3): Damon Hague UK WTKO02 (0:57) Mark Owins UK Hague: 3-0-1 Owins: ?

WBO CRUISERWEIGHT TITLE (12x3): Johnny Nelson chal UK WTKO05 (1:42) Carl Thompson champ UK Nelson: 32-12-1/23 Thompson: 24-5/17

Christophe Neyts

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