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by Joe Koizumi

October 21, 2000

M ike Tyson, 222, was awarded a TKO victory over Andrew Golota, 240, after the second round as Golota refused to come out for the third session. Golota's unexpected and inexplicable cowardice was a great disappointment to the huge crowd of 16,228.

Zab Judah, 139 1/4, kept his IBF junior welter title on a TKO win over Hector Quiroz, 140, because of the latter's badly swollen optic and a nasty cut over the bridge of the nose at 1:56 of the 8th round. Judah had him at bay in the opening session, but he became too tense and nervous to finish his opponent, lacking his rhythm and smoothness afterward.

Laila Ali, 165 1/4, won a unanimous nod over Kendra Lehnart, 165 1/2, in a disappointing 6. Laila had better learn the fundamenal as to how to hit a jab, a one-two combination, etc.-with her knuckle part. Both looked terrible to me.

Mexican lightweight champ Jose Piluvo Juarez, 134, was robbed of his obvious KO victory in the 4th round, as the referee Monte Oswald, of Detroit, saved a quite groggy Alex Trujillo, 136, from a KO defeat with a long count at his crisis, and the recuperated Trujillo earned a unanimous decision (95-94, and double 97-92) over 10. This Japanese reporter never expected such a wrongdoing to be witnessed in the US ring. Juarez's left hook so completely stretched Trujillo in the closing seconds of the 4th that such a generosity of the third man for Trujillo would not be shown in any other third or neutral country.

David Izon, 225, dropped Mike Sedillo, 226, twice and halted him at 0:24 of the third session.

Ex-WBC feather champ Luisito Espinosa, 127 1/2, floored a much shorter Mexican Ramon Aragon, 124, in the third and was awarded a TKO win after the 4th round (in a scheduled 8), as the loser quit in his corner. As some of you may know, this reporter had been previously dumped as manager by Luisito after our collaboration of five successful defenses of the WBC title. I happened to witness Luisito fighting from a press seat, as I came here as the TV commentator. After his victory, Luisito came to my seat and I talked briefly with him and his wife Maricherie. What I could say to them was "good luck" and "don't overuse your favorite left hook too much," as I had advised as his manager some years ago.

Dominic Guinn, 223, ran his unbeaten mark to 5-0, 5 KOs by finishing Rodney Phillips, 200, at 1:55 of the second round in a scheduled 6.

Anthony Hanshaw, 170, also extended his ledger to 5-0, 5 KOs by a quick KO over Demetrius Johnson, 170, at 2:28 of the opening session of a scheduled 6.

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