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Lewis Hunts The Buffalo

Alan Taylor
Saturday 15th July 2000 - Lennox Lewis stopped Frans Botha at 2:39 of the second round.  Performing in a British arena for the first time since his loss to Oliver McCall six years ago, Lewis ended the contest with a sharp three-punch right, left, right combination which left Botha draped over the bottom rope.  He rose at eight but wobbled when referee, Larry McConnell asked him to walk towards him.  Laconic as ever, Lewis started the contest cautiously, his left held low but wary of Botha.  For his part Botha looked like a fat middleweight so dwarfed was he by the champion.  He seemed unable to get near enough to Lewis to land with anything - on the few occasions he did, he was caught by Lewis's chopping right hands. In the first, such a punch left the 'White Buffalo' stumbling backwards, struggling to stay on his feet.  The champion stood off, almost arrogantly, but it looked like only a matter of time.  Botha protested the stoppage but it was a good call by O'Connell.  Lewis, who said he may fight again in London (this was to be his 'farewell' to the UK), called for Tyson to 'put up or shut up'.  I hope he shuts up.  Lewis will most likely fight David Tua next, in November, but it is hard to make a case for the Samoan.

Earlier in the evening Bristol, England born but New Jersey trained, Adrian Stone beat Geoff McCreesh (RSF round 6, 2:31) in what was fight of the night.  The brave McCreesh was on the canvas three times and was badly cut over his left eye but refused to lie down.  Stone looked good and in shape (the fight was made at light-middle but both are welterweights and were closer to the 147 limit).  Stone's forte is his body punching - his shot were solid and hurtful - and he was able to switch quickly to the head. Stone may be slightly below real world class, and at twenty-eight may be leaving it late, but he would put up a good show against any in the division.

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