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Press Release: Showtime

This Saturday night as Showtime rebroadcasts the Botha vs. Briggs bout, breaks new ground in the online boxing arena by offering exclusive audio streams from the fighters' corners.

To listen in, simply log on to during the re-broadcast of the Botha vs. Briggs event on Showtime. Following this historic online-synched-to-on-air event you'll get exclusive blow by blow commentary from The White Buffalo himself, Francois Botha! regularly offers pre-fight online predictions from fans, pre-fight coverage, fightnight simulcasting, chats with fighters, complete bios of fighters, video clips, audio interviews, exclusive photos, pre and post fight analysis, results from previous fights and much more.

Log on to and tune in to Showtime on August 14th beginning at 11:15pm ET/PT to experience all the action!

Note: Viewing this content requires the G2 Real Player, available free from

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