Sugar Ray Seales

Born: April 9, 1952 St. Croix, Virgin Islands
Fought out of Tacoma, WA
Height: 6-1 (Southpaw)
Professional Record: 56-8-3 (33 kayos)
Amateur Record: 338-12
Sugar Ray Seales, the only American fighter to win a gold medal in the 1972 Olympics, was a contender for the Middleweight title during the late 70's and early 80's. Seales was born in the Virgin Islands, his father being stationed their with the Army. Seales moved to Tacoma as a boy and began to box. At that time, Tacoma was developing future title claimants such as Rocky Lockridge, Leo Randolph, and Johnny Bumpus. Seales used his lanky 6-1 frame and southpaw style to rack up an amateur record of 338-12.

Sugar Ray's 1972 Olympic victory came at a time before a gold medal guaranteed a pot of gold upon turning pro. Instead of a TV premiere, Seales turned pro with an 8-round win in his Tacoma hometown. Seales won his first 21 fights until losing a close decision to Marvin Hagler in Boston. He then fought Hagler in a rematch, holding him to a draw. Hagler scored a first-round kayo in their rubber match.

In a 1980 fight with Jaime Thomas, Seales was thumbed in the eye, tearing his retina, and he gradualy went blind. Seales retired in 1983, and currently works with autistic students at Lincoln High School in Tacoma.


1972      Olympic Games in Munich, (West) Germany
          Light Welterweight (139 lbs.) Gold Medalist
          Opponent             Country         Result
          Ulrich Beyer         West Germany    W Dec
          Jim Montague         Ireland         W Dec
          Andres Molina        Cuba            W Dec
          Zvonimir Vujin       Yugoslavia      W Dec
          Anghei Anghelov      Bulgaria        W Dec
          (Gold Medal Match)

Jan 11  Gonzalez Rodriguez      Tacoma, WA              W 8
Feb 12  Conrad Green            Eugene, OR              KO 2
Mar 1   Sugar Montgomery        Stockton, CA            KO 6
Mar 15  Felix Alvarado          Seattle                 W 8
Mar 26  Jose Miranda            Eugene, OR              W 8
Apr 12  Chico Andrade           Reno                    KO 4
May 20  Roger Buckskin          Hoquiam, WA             KO 5
Jun 25  Leroy Romero            Butte, MT               W 10
Jul 7   Frank Davila            Gardnerville, CA        W 10
Jul 20  Chucho Padilla          Tucson, AZ              KO 2
Aug 22  Chu Chu Garcia          Tacoma, WA              W 10
Oct 12  Ray Barrientos          Dallas                  W 10
Nov 2   Dave Coventry           Portland, OR            KO 4
Dec 12  Jose Miranda            San Francisco           W 10

Feb 13  Angel "Robinson" Garcia Las Vegas               W 10
Feb 28  Omar Chavez             Las Vegas               KO 8
Mar 7   Beto Gonzalez           Reno                    KO 3
Mar 19  Jose Espinoza           Denver                  KO 4
Apr 16  Jose Martin Flores      Tacoma, WA              KO 10
Jun 8   John L. Sullivan        Lacey, WA               KO 2
Aug 6   David Love              Tacoma, WA              KO 12
Aug 30  Marvin Hagler           Boston                  L 10
Sep 18  Les Riggins             Seattle                 KO 1
Nov 26  Marvin Hagler           Seattle                 D 10

Feb 11  Mike Nixon              Seattle                 W 10
Mar 28  Johnny Rico             Tucson, AZ              W 10
Apr 22  Manuel Elizondo         Sacramento, CA          KO 2
May 14  Rudy Cruz               Sacramento, CA          W 10
Aug 15  Eugene "Cyclone" Hart   Atlantic City           L 10
Oct 21  Mike Lancaster          Seattle                 KO 2
Dec 2   Renato Garcia           Seattle                 W 10

Mar 9   George Cooper           Seattle                 W 12
May 25  Rico Hoye               Seattle                 KO 4
Oct 15  Gianni Mingardi         Milan, Italy            KO 6
Dec 7   Alan Minter             London                  KO by 5

Mar 2   Ronnie Harris           New York                L 10
Apr 26  George Davis            Seattle                 KO 2
May 25  Tony Gardner            Anchorage, AK           KO 4
Jun 23  Cliff Wills             Vancouver, BC           W 10
Jun 29  Vicente Medina          Anchorage, AK           W 10
Jul 19  Nate Lenoir             Seattle                 KO 2
Sep 6   Eddie Davis             Memphis, TN             KO 7
Sep 21  Mike Hallacy            Wichita, KS             W 10
Oct 25  Joe Gonzalez            Seattle                 KO 4
Dec 2   Doug Demmings           Chicago                 W 15
        (Wins US Middleweight Title)

Jan 26  Emmett Atlas            Seattle                 KO 2
Feb 28  Willie Warren           Seattle                 D 10
Apr 8   Mayfield Pennington     Pikesville, MD          KO 8
Jun 9   Johnny Heart            Butterfield, MO         KO 2
Jun 20  Tommy Howard            Seattle                 W 12
Jun 28  Johnn Heard             Washington, DC          W 10
Aug 29  Sammy NeSmith           Seattle                 KO 5
Nov 9   Ayub Kalule             Copenhagen              L 10

Feb 3   Marvin Hagler          Boston                  KO by 1
Jun 21  Mike Colbert            Seattle                 D 12

Apr 5   Art "Tap" Harris        Akron, OH               KO 6
Apr 19  Ted Sanders             Billings, MT            KO 7
May 23  Dwight Davison          Clarkston, WV           L 10
Aug 2   Jamie Thomas            Baton Rouge, LA         W 10
Dec 23  James Williams          Tacoma, WA              W 10

Mar 31  Sammy NeSmith           Indianapolis            KO 5
        (Wins NABF Middleweight Title)
Sep 23  Juan Rivas              Bakersfield, CA         KO 1

Jan 23  Alejos Rodriguez        Stateline, NV           KO 6
Mar 31  John LoCicero           New York                W 10
Aug 7   Jesse Lara              Albuquerque             KO 4
Oct 30  James Shuler            McAfee, NJ              L 12
        (Loses NABF Middleweight Title)

Jan 22  Max Hord                Denver                  KO 1

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