Dave Sands

Born: David Ritchie, February 4, 1926 Burnt Ridge, NSW, Australia
Died: August 11, 1952 Dundog, Newcastle, Australia (Automobile Accident)
Height: 5-10
Professional Record: 93-8-1 (62 kayos) 2 NC
Like legendary Middleweight and fellow countryman Les Darcy, Dave Sands will be remembered as a career that was tragically left unfufilled.

Sands came from a very large boxing family; his father Ritchie and uncle George fought, as well as five of his brothers: Ritchie, George, Clem, Alfie, and Russell. Sands turned pro in 1943, and by 1946 he had captured the Australian Middleweight title, which he would hold till his death. In all, Sands would go on to capture the Australian Light Heavyweight and Heavyweight titles, a feat that was later matched by Tony Mundine in the 70's.

Sands took his first step up in world-class competition in 1949 when he took on veteran contender Tommy Yaroz, losing a decision. He then set his sights on Europe, defeating Jan de Bruin and French contender Robert Villemain. Finally Sands took on British Empire Middleweight champion Dick Turpin. Sands made a definitive statement when he knocked out Turpin in one round, firmly establishing himself as a contender.

Sands later added a pair of victories over future Middleweight champ Bobo Olson. By 1951 he was the number two contender in the world behind Sugar Ray Robinson and Randy Turpin. Efforts to match Sands with Turpin proved futile, as it was widely believed that Turpin would have nothing to do with Sands after witnessing what had happened to his brother Dick.

A title shot never came for Sands unfortunately. While driving in the country on August 11, 1952, Sands rolled his truck and was killed. Later that year Sugar Ray Robinson retired, vacating the Middleweight title. The title which may have very well been his to win, was won by Bobo Olson, a man whom he had beaten twice.


---     Leo Corrigan            Newcastle, Australia    KO 1
---     Eddie Roebuck           Newcastle, Australia    KO 4
---     Clarrie McDermott       Newcastle, Australia    KO 1
---     Ken McDermott           Newcastle, Australia    KO 1
---     Cliff Bowen             Newcastle, Australia    KO 2
---     Bobby Clarke            Newcastle, Australia    KO 7
---     Ken Baker               Newcastle, Australia    KO 6
---     Harry Warren            Newcastle, Australia    KO 6
---     Jim Ryan                Newcastle, Australia    KO 2
---     Freddie O'Reilly        Newcastle, Australia    KO 3
---     Jim Fields              Newcastle, Australia    KO 1
---     Skip McGowan            Newcastle, Australia    KO 3
---     Johnny Duggan           Newcastle, Australia    KO 2
---     Claude Wainwright       Newcastle, Australia    KO 1
---     Frank O'Neil            Newcastle, Australia    KO 2
---     Jimmy Clements          Newcastle, Australia    KO 4
---     Ted Hazel               Newcastle, Australia    KO 3
---     Eddie Troxell           Newcastle, Australia    KO 3
---     Snowy Stevens           Newcastle, Australia    W 12
Oct 23  Bob Rivera              Newcastle, Australia    KO 8
Nov 20  George Cook             Newcastle, Australia    W 12
Nov 27  Billy Myers             Newcastle, Australia    L 12
Dec 16  George Cook             Newcastle, Australia    W 12

Jan 22  Bobby Clarke            Newcastle, Australia    KO 6
Feb 5   Jack McNamee            Newcastle, Australia    L 12
Apr 1   Jack Mitchell           Newcastle, Australia    KO 12
Apr 15  Doug Brown              Newcastle, Australia    L 12
May 13  Doug Brown              Newcastle, Australia    L 12
Jun 2   Bill Bayliss            Brisbane, Australia     KO 2
Jun 15  Bobby Coghlan           Newcastle, Australia    W 12
Jun 29  Dal Conway              Brisbane, Australia     KO 4
Aug 5   Jim Gray                Newcastle, Australia    W 12
Sep 2   Jack Day                Newcastle, Australia    KO 5
Sep 23  Tom Laning              Newcastle, Australia    KO 7
Oct 21  Max Cameron             Newcastle, Australia    KO 3
Nov 18  Jackie Marr             Newcastle, Australia    L 12
Dec 1   Jim Gray                Brisbane, Australia     KO 8
Dec 16  Jackie Marr             Newcastle, Australia    W 12

Feb 3   Jack Brander            Newcastle, Australia    KO 2
Mar 3   Al Walker               Newcastle, Australia    W 12
Mar 29  Max Cameron             Leichardt, Australia    W 12
May 5   Al Walker               Newcastle, Australia    KO 7
May 10  Max Cameron             Leichardt, Australia    KO 6
Jun 16  Herb Broome             Newcastle, Australia    KO 3
Jul 7   Tommy Laming            Newcastle, Australia    KO 2
Aug 11  Billy Myers             Newcastle, Australia    KO 5
Oct 20  Max Cameron             Newcastle, Australia    KO 11
Nov 24  Al Walker               Newcastle, Australia    W 12
Dec 27  Tommy Colteaux          Leichardt, Australia    KO 1

Jan 26  Alex Buxton             Sydney                  W 12
Mar 2   Jimmy Brunt             Sydney                  KO 1
May 11  Jack Kirkham            Sydney                  KO 12
        (Wins Australian Middleweight Title)
Jun 7   Jack Kirkham            Brisbane, Australia     KO 5
        (Retains Australian Middleweight Title)
Aug 24  Jack Johnson            Sydney                  KO 4
        (Wins Australian Light Heavyweight Title)
Oct 12  Jack Johnson            Melbourne               KO 1
        (Retains Australian Light Heavyweight Title)
Nov 23  Jackie Marr             Melbourne               D 12
Nov 30  Alf Gallagher           Sydney                  KO 3
        (Retains Australian Light Heavyweight Title)

Feb 24  Emory Jackson           Sydney                  L 10
Mar 24  Art Lind                Sydney                  KO 7
Apr 14  Emory Jackson           Sydney                  W 10
May 3   Emory Jackson           Melbourne               NC 7
May 31  George Allen            Sydney                  KO 1
Aug 6   O'Neill Bell            Sydney                  KO 2
Sep 8   George Henry            Sydney                  W 12
Oct 13  George Henry            Sydney                  W 12
Nov 24  George Allen            Sydney                  KO 9
Nov 29  Alex Buxton             Newcastle, Australia    W 12

Feb 7   Alabama Kid             Newcastle, Australia    KO 4
Mar 6   Doug Rollinson          Wellington, Australia   KO 1
Mar 27  Jackie Marr             Wellington, Australia   W 10
Apr 10  Don Mullett             Wellington, Australia   W 10
Apr 19  Jackie Marr             Wellington, Australia   NC 7
Jun 12  Billy Myers             Newcastle, Australia    W 12
Jun 26  George Allen            Newcastle, Australia    KO 6
Aug 27  Billy Myers             Griffith, Australia     W 12
Sep 27  Doug Brown              Sydney                  KO 1
Oct 9   Len Dittmar             Melbourne               KO 5
Dec 17  Tommy Prince            Newcastle, Australia    KO 3

Feb 18  Tony Toniolo            Melbourne               KO 1
Apr 4   Tommy Yarosz            London                  L 10
Apr 19  Lucien Caboche          London                  W 10
May 16  Jackie Jones            Newcastle, England      KO 1
Jun 3   Jan de Bruin            Newcastle, England      W 10
Jul 15  Robert Villemain        London                  W 10
Sep 6   Dick Turpin             London                  KO 1
        (Wins British Empire Middleweight Title)
Oct 11  Pete Mead               London                  W 10

Mar 20  Carl "Bobo" Olson       Sydney                  W 12
Apr 21  Boy Brooks              Singapore               KO 3
May 12  Boy Brooks              Singapore               W 10
Aug 7   Henry Brimm             Sydney                  KO 2
Sep 4   Alf Gallagher           Sydney                  W 12
        (Wins Vacant Australian Heavyweight Title)
Dec 14  Don Mullett             Wellington, Australia   W 10

Jan 12  Boy Brooks              Melbourne               W 12
Feb 5   Irvin Steen             Sydney                  W 12
Feb 10  Henry Bray              Newcastle, Australia    KO 7
Jul 10  Mel Brown               London                  W 10
Aug 20  Duggie Miller           Birmingham, England     W 10
Oct 3   Carl "Bobo" Olson       Chicago                 W 10
Oct 30  Henry Brimm             Buffalo                 KO 10
Nov 13  Yolande Pompey          London                  KO by 7

Feb 8   Ron Toohey              Melbourne               KO 10
Mar 31  Chub Keith              Sydney                  KO 14
        (Retains Australian Light Heavyweight Title)
May 9   Al Bourke               Melbourne               KO 5
        (Retains Australian and British Empire Middleweight Titles)
Jul 9   Jim Woods               Wagga, Australia        KO 4
        (Retains Australian Light Heavyweight Title)
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