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Reid Predicts Too Sweet Win
Press Release

February 17, 2000


DENVER, CO (February 16, 2000) -- From his Denver-based camp, a mile above sea level, where he is training for his March 3 pay-per-view fight at Caesars Palace against undefeated WBC/IBF welterweight champion FELIX TRINIDAD, undefeated WBA super welterweight champion, DAVID REID, predicted today that DERRELL "TOO SWEET" COLEY would give "a performance of a lifetime" and defeat former world champion OSCAR DE LA HOYA when they finally meet, February 26, at Madison Square Garden.

"Oscar is too busy planning his 2000 calendar when he should be training for his fight with Derrell," said Reid. "All his talk about the 'new Oscar' or the 'original Oscar,' or the 'new and improved Oscar' only shows me that he's the SAME Oscar. And that's the Oscar who was shown up by Pernell Whitaker, lost to Felix Trinidad, and given a close shave by Ike Quartey. He hates to be hit, so he won't take any chances in this fight. I think Derrell Coley will give a clinic for as long as it lasts. After February 26, you won't be hearing anymore talk about Oscar moving up to 154 pounds. It wouldn't surprise me if he moved back to 140!"

Coley, 34-1-2 (24 KOs), has been the WBC's mandatory welterweight contender since July 1998. De La Hoya, who claims to have never heard of Coley, has coincidentally fought everyone rated immediately above and below Coley, during his welterweight reign, including Wilfredo Rivera, Oba Carr, and Patrick Charpentier.


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