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One would think that there is quite a lot of pressure on a fighter being lauded as the game's best, the holder of that imaginary "Pound for Pound" title.

And with the exception of a couple of near sighted fistic magazines, it is the opinion of most boxing writers that lightweight champion Shane Mosley right now is "the man."

Just one day after the world lightweight champion recorded his 29th knockout and win #31, in defeating Golden Johnson on HBO, Shane graced the Ring Talk airwaves with his presence.

RT-Congrats, how are you feeling?

SM-I'm feeling great.

RT-That was an awesome display of footwork last night.

SM-Oh yeah. Well, I show them a little something different each time. A little handspeed, a little power, and a little footwork.  A little of everything, little body shots.

RT-Little? You were pounding Golden Johnson's ribs with some crippling shots. I think that after the fourth round Golden wished he were somewhere else.

SM-I think he figured it out when he came out and tried to get going in the second, and then the third round. I think he knew then it was pretty much all over.

RT-How are the hands?

SM-(Laughs) They are sore, but nothing like they were after the (James) Leija fight.

RT-HBO's Harvard educated matchmaker Lou Di Bella said on last night's show that he'd like to match you and Ivan Robinson.

SM-Pedro, I'm not going to fight on March 6. It's too soon. I need some rest.

RT-Di Bella says he will try and make WBC guy
Cesar Bazan and Ivan. Doesn't that take away a payday at 135 lbs. for you, by letting those two guys fight each other.

SM-I told Lou April. If they want a fight, let Stevie Johnston rematch Cesar Bazan. They can go on March 6, and Ivan and I can fight in April.  I'll meet the winner in June.

RT-The Boxing Writers of America to be following my cue. They have nominated you for Fighter of The Year. Your feelings on that?

SM-I worked very hard all year long and I think I deserve that crown.

RT-I'm going to put you on the spot here. Why doesn't Floyd Mayweather deserve the award?

SM-Well, I don't think Floyd has done enough. He only defended his title one time. He's a newly crowned champion. My record and my five defenses in 1998 speak for themselves. It's like with me and Roy (Jones).  He has been champion for so long, he's defeated everybody and that's why they consider him "pound for pound."

RT-Not everybody. I know Roy considers himself the best pound for pound. Mike Katz, and Larry Merchant think your the sport's best.

SM-I think that Roy, excluding myself, Roy has done a lot of things for the boxing community, both in and out of the ring. He's been pretty good giving other fighters a lot of opportunities. And I wish to do the same.  But as far as the fight skills are concerned, I can do a lot of different things. And I can see that Roy is tuning in, and trying to same things I am.

RT-I've got an LA cop that would like to fight next month. Roy fought a New York cop. How about it?

SM-I don't want to be known for beating up cops, L.A. or any others. Back to that Fighter of The Year award. Pedro, I fought and trained the whole year, and I beat everybody HBO put in front of me by knockout.

RT-If Bazan and Stevie fight, who wins?

SM-I think Stevie is the better fighter, he should win.

RT-You are pulling for Stevie because he's an easier fight?

SM-Stevie is a crafty fighter, while Bazan is slow and tall. I'm used to working with tall guys in Genaro (Hernandez).

RT-You broke his nose before his fight with Oscar De La Hoya. Why wasn't he sparring with a face protector that close to the fight. And why was he sparring with you, of all people?

SM-At the time I wasn't champion yet. And a lot of people didn't know me....RT-Shane, time out! Everybody in L.A. has know about you since the Junior Olympic days, come on. About your sparring with Genaro, and then getting in the car to drive 50 miles to spar with Rudy Zavala.

SM-Genaro was champion then. And it's different you are working with a preliminary fighter. There's a different feeling in the air. And I learned a lot of things from Genaro, I did. Especially the feeling, the flavor of fighting world class on a regular basis. Genaro and Zack Padilla, they both helped me a lot.

RT-Did you feel comfortable going left handed last night?

SM-It was, I felt it was great. I could have went longer, but I don't want to show them too much yet. I want to perfect it all the way to my liking. And then I'll go ahead and let them see it for a couple of rounds, maybe even a whole fight one time. RT-Does the WBA guy Jean Mendy fit in there somewhere.

SM-Yes he does. And so does Orzubek Nazarov. Any fight that makes sense and the people want to see it, I'm all for it.

RT-How was making weight this time?

SM-This time it was the toughest. I think it's because I stayed home and did not go to Big Bear. Around the holidays, I just ate a little too much. I'd like to move up to 140 lbs. after three or four more fights at lightweight.

RT-Does it put a lot of pressure on you when people like Merchant and myself say you are boxing's best fighter?

SM-Not at all. No disrespect of Roy, but right now I am best fighter pound for pound. I think I've proved that in my level of activity, and the fact that I'm getting better in each fight.

RT-Have you peaked?

SM-No, and I think I'm  long way away from it. Like the southpaw move, I haven't showed it all yet.

Pedro Fernandez


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