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The honor of being enshrined in the Hall of Fame is the zenith of both recognition and tribute. So I'd like to congratulate all of those inductees who are still alive, and the families of those who have passed.


Legendary boxing writer Jack Fiske was left off the 1999 International Boxing Hall of Fame induction list AGAIN. I cannot believe Ed Brophy and company could not get Jack, now 82 in.


Fiske wrote a twice weekly column for the San Francisco Chronicle for 40 years. In it's heyday before the Internet age, it was the most faxed and read over the phone column in boxing.

I'm told the Hall of Fame has 153 voting members comprised mainly of media types from 10 countries. All of them should be ashamed. Fiske, as a boxing writer/historian, and possessor of a massive memorabilia collection until recently, was a Godfather like figure at the big fights until the Chron stopped sending him in the early 1990's.


Jimmy Bivins, light heavyweight and heavyweight, 86-25-1, 31 KOs.

Khaosai Galaxy, junior bantamweight, 49-1, 43 KOs.

Lew Jenkins, lightweight, 77-40-5, 57 KOs.

Eusebio Pedroza, featherweight, 42-6-1, 25 KOs.

Vincente Saldivar, featherweight, 38-3, 27 KOs.


Johnny Coulon, bantamweight, 56-4-4, 24 KOs.

Sam McVey, heavyweight, 63-15-12, 46 KOs.

Freddie Steele, middleweight, 119-5-8, 57 KOs.

Lew Tendler, lightweight and welterweight, 59-11-2, 37 KOs.


Bill Richmond, heavyweight, 12-2, 2 KOs.


Bob Arum, promoter.

Guiseppe Ballarati, publisher and historian.

Mickey Duff, manager and promoter.

Murray Goodman, publicist.

Jimmy Johnston, manager and promoter.

Tom O'Rourke, manager.

Irving Rudd, publicist.

Pedro Fernandez

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