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No Open Scoring: Fred Sternburg


Top Rank promoter Bob Arum has stated that he will request a hearing by the Nevada State Athletic Commission to have open scoring for the May 8, Erik Morales - Wayne McCullough WBC super bantamweight title fight in Las Vegas. America Presents, McCullough's promoter will file a protest if the request is granted.


The solution isn't telling the fans the score and the decision beforehand. It's in improving the quality of officiating and divorcing the inherent monetary conflicts that currently exists between promoters and officials. Nevada probably has the best-qualified judges in the world.


Prescribing open scoring in professional boxing is akin to an MD telling his RN to place a Band-Aid over the patient's gushing artery. It's simply not going to be effective in stemming the flow of crimson.

And just like Arum's cardboard podium, this open form of scoring won't be able to carry the weight that some inept officials have both burdened the sport with.


1. The quality of judging and refereeing in many states has to improve. They must go through the same rigorous training, testing, certification and post- event evaluation that their counterparts in the NFL, NBA and MLB go through.

2. AMERICA PRESENTS' is willing to be TAXED by the State Commissions, who will administer those monies for paying the officials their fees and expenses, and coordinating their travel, etc., "rather" than having it come from the promoter.

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