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The Cyber Boxing Zone Encyclopedia -- Lineal Champion

Lee Roy Murphy

BORN   July 16 1958; Chicago, Illinois
HEIGHT.. 5-11
WEIGHT 177-242 lbs
MANAGER Jim Strickland
Murphy was a talented "Chicago" fighter with a good punch; During his career, he won the IBF Cruiserweight Championship of the World; Lee Roy was a brother of Kenny Murphy, also a boxer

Among those Lee Roy defeated were Marvin Camel, Alonso Ratliff, Chisanda Mutti, "Young" Joe Louis, "Poison" Ivy Brown, Steve Zouski and Bobby Crabtree
*** SOME AMATEUR BOUTS (157-17)***

          -Murphy won the Light Heavyweight National Golden Gloves

          -Murphy was on the United States Olympic Boxing team but
           did not participate since the United States boycotted 
           the Olympics

Nov 13 Roger Moore                Chicago, Il                        KO  2
Dec 11 Gary Hunter                Chicago, Il                        KO  1

Mar  9 Floyd Cross                Chicago, Il                        KO  3
Apr 16 Reggie Walker              Chicago, Il                        TK  2
Jun  5 Darnell Hayes              Chicago, Il                        KO  2
Jul 27 John Trollinger            Chicago, Il                        KO  1
Oct  3 Elvis Parks                Rosemont, Il                        W  6

Jan 22 Frank Draper               Chicago, Il                        TK  2
Feb  5 Charles Presswood          Danville, Il                       KO  1
Mar 19 Eddie Smith                Chicago, Il                        KO  4
Jul 19 Terry Denny                Chicago, Il                        KO  3

Feb  7 Charles Allen              Chicago, Il                        KO  4
May 22 Rahim Muhammad             Chicago, Il                        KO  9
Aug  7 "Poison" Ivy Brown         Las Vegas, Nv                      KO  1
Oct  5 Keith Allen                Chicago, Il                        TK  6
Oct 18 Frank Payne                Atlantic City, NJ                   W 10
Nov  7 Willie Crawford            Chicago, Il                        TK  1
Dec  2 Ralph Cuomo                Shirley, NY                        TK  1
Dec 20 Steve Zouski               Chicago, Il                         W 10

Mar 15 Darnell Hayes              Chicago, Il                        KO  2
Oct  6 Marvin Camel               Billings, Mt                       TK 14
          -IBF Cruiserweight Championship of the World
Dec 20 "Young" Joe Louis          Chicago, Il                        TK 12
          -IBF Cruiserweight Championship of the World

Oct 19 Chisanda Mutti             Monte Carlo, Monaco                KO 12
          -IBF Cruiserweight Championship of the World

Apr 19 Dorcey Gaymon              San Remo, Italy                    KO  9
          -IBF Cruiserweight Championship of the World
Oct 25 Ricky Parkey               Marsala, Italy                     LT 10
          -IBF Cruiserweight Championship of the World

Mar 27 Steve Mormino              Viareggio, Italy                    W  8
Apr 28 Bobby Crabtree             Chicago, Il                         W 10
Aug 15 Dwight Muhammad Qawi       St. Tropez, France                 LT  6

Jun 26 Alfonso Ratliff            Villa Park, Il                     KO  4

Jun  9 Johnny du Plooy            Sun City, Boph, SAfrica             L 10
Sep 12 Terry Armstrong            Chicago, Il                         W 10

Mar  2 Mike Evans                 Darlington, England                 L 12
          -IBF Inter-Continental Heavyweight Championship

Jun 26 Jerry Brown                Chicago, Il                        TK  4
Aug  7 Kimmuel Odum               Chicago, Il                         W  6

Record courtesy of Tracy Callis, Historian, International Boxing Research Organization



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