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Lewis-Grant: Biggest, but so what?
Mike DeLisa

April 28, 2000

On Thursday afternoon, Lennox Lewis and Michael Grant staged a public weigh-in for their Heavyweight Title Bout. The event was mind-numbingly devoid of electricity. Both fighters appeared shortly after 5 p.m. in front of various media types and an assortment of fans. Except for a half-dozen toothless Soccer houligans imported from Britain, nobody cheered for either fighter as they made their way to the scales.

Lewis weighed in at 247 while challenger Grant was exactly 250. The "record" for beefiest had been the Primo Carnera vs. Paulino Uzcudun bout, held in Rome, October, 1933. Hopefully, the Lewis-Grant fight will be more entertaining that that lumbering snoozefest.

Lewis should dominate this fight. Grant, a good athelete in good condition, is not a good fighter. Lewis has been telling us for years how good he is. Now is the time for him to prove it.


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