By GorDoom

Logic dictates that the young lion that is Oscar De La Hoya will take out the aging cheetah that is Pernell Whitaker. On paper it doesn't even seem like much of a fight. Oscar, thoroughly motivated & just entering the prime of his career appears to be too big, too fast, too strong & too young to succumb to the aging & for the last four years, seemingly unmotivated Sweet Pea.

When a slugger starts to lose his legs, speed & reflexes he can still rely on his power to pull back from the rabid, snapping jaws of defeat. George Foreman & Julian Jackson are the most recent best examples. When a skilled boxer with no punch loses a step, he's in deep water. Despite Whitaker's Rocky Graziano vs, Tony Zale ll imitation against Hurtado - the moment he has to rely on his power & ferocity against even an ordinary opponent he better begin to kiss his ass goodbye.

The Ol' Spit Bucket's first instinct is to call this fight a TKO for De La Hoya between rounds 8-12. However, my accuracy on predictions lately has been so far below the Mendoza Line; I hesitate in my surety about this fight. The Bucket's predictions on Tyson-Holyfield, Barrera-Jones, Zaragoza-McCullough among others spring (slog?) too what's left of the mind ... I'll stand by my first instinct - but my track record on predictions lately has been so abysmal you might make some good dough betting against the Bucket ...

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