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Chuck and Jerry
by Lucius Shepard

Who is Chuck Giampi?

Who is Jerry Roth?

We know that they are, for one thing, boxing judges operating (I use this verb advisedly) out of Las Vegas, but this scarcely defines them unless one adds a pejorative modifier to that title.

Whoever they are, boxing fans would do well to cross their fingers and toes whenever these two gents are scheduled to judge a fight, because it seems they have been involved with every lame Vegas decision since Moe Green chose to talk trash to the east coast mob.

Granted, bad decisions are part of boxing, but the fact that these two men who have been associated with so many of them continue to work major fights suggests a suspicious blind spot on the part of the Nevada commission or the intervention of a supernatural agency other than God. Chuck and Jerry.

Maybe they're an old lounge act dating from the time when comedians came in pairs. Martin and Lewis. Abbot and Costello. And maybe, acting in concert with some Las Vegas cultural society, they've been commissioned to marry the burlesque tradition to performance art, and have chosen the boxing world in which to practice their merry mischief.

Take my title...please!

If so, then last night's Ayala-Tapia fight was some of their best work, because it elevated the rendering of a decision to the level of a punch line. I mean, most who watched Paulie Ayala doing his best to knock the air out of...well, the air, while eating counters and growing steadily more dispirited just had to believe that Unanimous Decision Tapia was a foregone conclusion.


I imagine somewhere in the post-fight turmoil two pot-bellied geezers with white belts were going "Nyuk, nyuk," and giving one another a tremulous high five.

Scoring a fight is not rocket science. A ten-year-old can do it. There are for sure going to be subjective differences, but these two men have been so consistently at odds with the consensus for years, either they have degenerated to a point where the perceptual acuity of a ten-year-old is beyond them or else they have become such masters of their craft that they now see punches no one else can see, they sense subtle varieties of ring mastery that we cannot...


The lounge act thing is more likely.

There are, of course, other possible explanations for their often curious judgments, but let's give Chuck and Jerry the benefit of the doubt and just credit them for doing the best judge schtick since Flip Wilson.

Give 'em their own show, I say.

Tonight on "America's Funniest Arbiters" Chuck explains his card while Jerry beats him about the head and shoulders with a pig bladder. And in the historical segment, Special Guest Star Julio Sid Cesar Chavez reprises his famous Pernell Whittaker skit.

But seriously, folks....

Wouldn't you like to know something about these men who've brought us so many laughs over the years, who've proved that what you see is not always what you get, who have in their own way done more to make the sport what it is than the fighters they are paid to observe? Wouldn't you like to have some idea of what kind of guys they are? Who their friends are? Who buys them lunch? What's in their closets?

I know I would.

And I bet Johnny Tapia would, too.
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