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Fight Results by Katherine Dunn

Armory Smoker Results from Oregon
from Katherine Dunn

Salem National Guard Armory
Salem, Oregon

Promoter: Oregon Trail Promotions
Matchmaker: Bob Oleson

Referees: Paul Field, Bill Thornberg, Guy Villegas
Judges: Greg Baker, Joe Bonaventure, Jim Howard, Denis Ryan, Paul Weitzel
Ringside Physicians: Dr. Louis Rios, Dr. Pat Shipsey
Approximately 300 in attendance

In a main event scheduled for ten rounds, crude but hard punching Quandray "Candy" Robertson (155 lbs) of Salem won by Disqualification over a far more skilled Aubrey Sibanyoni (155 lbs) of South Africa, fighting out of
Indiana. Robertson chased the defensive Sibanyani, who abandoned boxing early for octopus techniques that meant all grappling and holding and no hitting. Sibanyani went down three times in the fourth, once on a slip,
once as a result of wrestling, and once from an actual punch. In the fifth the ref deducted points in two separate instances from Sibanyani for holding. Another lost point for holding in the sixth did not convince Sibanyani to desist. Referee Guy Villegas stopped the fight at 1:39 of the 7th round and disqualified Sibanyani for endless, unrepentant holding. The pattern was so monotonous that the fans were grateful to have it end.

In a six round pre-lim bout, Rob Dellapeena (162 lbs) of Vancouver, B.C. TKO'd Brock Stodden (165 lbs) of Bremerton, WA at 2:08 of the third.

Ronnie Warren (170 lbs) of Tacoma, WA dropped Fresno, CA debut guy, Kieth Hill to his knees and the ref called a halt at 2:36 of the 4th in a scheduled 4. TKO win for Warren.

Lamont Winn (161 1/2 lbs) of Fresno, CA won a four round decision over Aaron Brown (165 lbs) of Tacoma, WA.

Scott Lansdon (166 1/2 lbs) of Baker City, OR decisioned Dominic Rivera (163 1/4 lbs) Portland, OR in four rounds.

Former NFL player Todd Spencer (230 lbs) of Los Angeles, CA opted out of his pro debut on his knees at 1:32 of the first round in a scheduled four against also debuting Greg Dials (225 lbs) of Tacoma, WA. 

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