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Cops Looking for Heavyweight Can See Him on TV

Katherine Dunn
The Tacoma News Tribune says there's a warrant out for 33 year-old heavyweight Greg Dial. If any Tacoma cops are fight fans they may have found him already.
The August 4 Friday Night Fights on ESPN2 included a blubbery performance by Dial, who was stopped at 2:19 of the second round by a guy named Williamson during a show at the Hard Rock Casino in Las Vegas. This was the undercard of Hasim Rahman vs Frankie Swindell. 

Dial turned pro last year and had wracked up a record in the vicinity of 4-1  in Oregon and Washington.
The Monday, July 31, 2000 edition of the Tacoma newspaper listed "Gregory Leon Dial,"  with a flattering mug shot in the "Persons Wanted" column. According to the News Tribune, a warrant was issued on Dial as of July 11 "because he is suspected of violating the conditions of his probation."

Dial was convicted in November, '98, and sentenced to a year in jail for "domestic violence assault, violating a no-contact order and reckless endangerment after striking his girlfriend..."

The Tribune describes an attack in which the 6'1" heavyweight slapped, choked, clubbed his girlfriend (while she held her 16 month-old baby) then threw her to the ground and kicked her in the face and stomach.
Maybe he's reformed. He didn't do anything like that to Williamson.

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