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Fight Results: Katherine Dunn

Saturday, August 28, 1999
Best Western Executive Inn
Fife, Washington

Promoter: Entertainment Funding, Inc.

Inspector: Tom Sporar
Referees: Paul Field, Robert Howard
Judges: Alan Krebs, Joe Macaluso, Tom McDonough
Ringside Physician: Scott Havsy

The main ended with a storm of flying beer cups, ice and boos and some portion of the disgruntled audience muttering about refunds.

Once promising heavyweight Tim "The Hebrew Hammer" Puller (220 3/4 lbs) of Lakewood, Washington, is undergoing career rehabilitation as designed by his manager, Roland Jankelson of Seattle who is blood kin to the Kimberley Jankelson who is this shows' promoter of record. So far Puller's comeback has involved a diet of stale and occasionally moldy opponents calculated to raise his confidence as well as his win record. The meat course on the menu for this evening's ten round feature was one Robert Neeley (212 lbs), a plumped up cruiser from Lincoln, Nebraska with a 7-4-1, 4 KO record going in. Puller began in tentative scholar fashion, backing and testing before he tagged Neeley toward the end of the first round causing the Nebraskan to turn his back on the dining process. Neeley came out for the second but turned his back again, this time for no discernible reason. Neeley told referee Paul Field that his feet hurt so he couldn't punch. The ref stopped the fight immediately and declared Puller the TKO winner at :59 of the second round. On further consideration the Washington Department of Licensing decided to disqualify Neeley and withold his purse. By these dubious means, Puller ascends to 19-5, 12 KO's.

On the undercard:

"Wicked" Ronnie Warren (165 lbs) a 37 year-old from Tacoma, WA bullied and battered Brock Stodden (163 lbs) of Bremerton, WA through six rounds to win a unanimous decision. Stodden (now 7-4, 3 KO) just wasn't strong enough to fend off Warren (now 7-4, 2 KO).

Extra fizz followed the announcement of the decision when Warren's cornerman, who was previously Stodden's trainer, crossed the ring to taunt Stodden. Stodden responded by slugging the cornerman and knocking his glasses off.

Kip "The Untouchable" Triplett (181 1/2 lbs) of Eugene, Oregon decked Frankie Duran (191 3/4 lbs) of Puyallup, WA with an uppercut at the end of the first round, but Duran survived and managed to keep the fight close to the end. Triplett (now 7-4-2, 1 KO) won a unanimous four round decision. Duran drops to 6-5-1, 4 KO).

In a six round welterweight match Frank Houghtaling (143 3/4 lbs) of Colonie, New York went to 7-6-3, 2 KO, decisioned Alphonso "Scooter" Meza (145 lbs) of Zillah, WA, who dropped to 8-7, 3 KO.

A scheduled six round heavy weight match between Guy Sonnenberg of Lakewood, WA and Nathaniel "Notorious Tex" Miles of Spanaway, WA was canceled when Miles registered pressure cooker high blood pressure in the pre-fight physical exam.

Katherine Dunn

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