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Lucia Rijker Goes Hollywood

Katherine Dunn

The Most Dangerous Woman in the World, as 139 lb champ Lucia Rijker is known, will be showing her martial skills on skates for a big screen role next to star, L.L. Cool J. The flick is a remake of the 70's "B" classic, "Roller Ball" to be directed by John McCairn who did the re-make of the "Thomas Crown Affair."

Rijker, who last fought in August of '99, has reportedly been having trouble getting fights. She jettisoned her former manager, Stan Hoffman but stuck with her trainer, Freddie Roach and his Wildcard Boxing Gym in Hollywood. her new manager is L.A. based Tom Loeffler of Mouthpiece Productions, who handles business for Kevin Kelley and Oba Carr, among others.

Loeffler says Rijker has a sizeable role in the film and will be shooting, mostly in Canada, until September. Loeffler says he hopes to put Rijker on the non-broadcast undercard of an HBO show in November. His long term view of her fight career starts with making Rijker the first female boxer ever to be televised on a live HBO card.


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