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U.S.A. vs Korea Dual Amateur Match: Katherine Dunn

As the 2000 Olympics approach, U.S. amateur boxers are being tested and schooled by frequent international competition. Top ranked U.S. amateur boxers went head to head with the Korean National amateur team in an international dual match at the Peppermill Casino in Reno, Nevada on Tuesday, July 20, 1999. The results of twelve bouts were dead even with six wins for each team.

The U.S. team was coached by Joel Caldera of the Knott Street Amateur Boxing Club of Portland, Oregon and by Bobby Lee, of the Silver & Gold Club of Virginia City, Nevada. The Korean coaches were Tai-Kil Ealik and In-Suk Oh.

Results were as follows:

106 lbs, Glen Donaire of Oakland, CA won a 2-1 decision over Ki-Suk Kim of Korea.

119 lbs, Sergio Espinoza of San Diego, Ca won by 2-1 over Tae-Kue Kim of Korea.

119 lbs, Sung-Won Lee of Korea won over Aaron Garcia of San Diego, CA by 2-1.

125 lbs, Jae-Hwan Lim of Korea won a 2-1 decision over Ray Martinez of Phoenix, Arizona.

132 lbs, Marshall Martinez of Los Angeles, CA won over Kwon-Nyong Park of Korea by 2-1.

139 lbs, Jin-Suk Bae of Korea won 2-1 over Cedric Ferguson of Reno, Nevada.

147 lbs, Ho-Jo Bae of Korea won over Arturo Morales of Pittsburg, CA by 2-1.

156 lbs, Reggie Davis of Portland, OR. won by 2-1 over Ji-Hwoon Hwang of Korea.

165 lbs, Ho-Chul Kim of Korea won by 3-0 over Criss Cross of Concord, CA.

178 lbs, Andre Haynes of Portland, OR won by 3-0 over Yang-Sun Choi of Korea.

201 lbs, DaVarryl Williams of Denver, Colorado stopped Soo-Hwan Kang of Korea in the second round.

Over 210 lbs, Diallo Lawson of Oakland, CA won by walkover over Sung-Kun Park of Korea.

Katherine Dunn

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