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Amateur Smoker Results
Katherine Dunn

Saturday, Jan. 22, 2000

Salem, Oregon

The Sugar Company Boxing Club of Salem, Oregon hosted its second amateur smoker on Saturday night, Jan. 22 in the big, polished facility of The Hoop-- a recreational basketball facility in the state capitol. A cheerful and enthusiastic crowd of around four hundred cheered fourteen bouts with boxers from ten clubs ranging from Seattle to Klamath Falls.

200+ lbs, Cody Gray of South Park Boxing in Bremerton stopped Darron Wilson of West Eugene Boxing Club in the first round.

86 lbs, Steve Johnson of West Eugene Boxing won over Caleb Leonard of Sweet Home, Oregon.

98 lbs, Jeremiah Dominguez of Sugar Company in Salem won over Shane McLean of South Everett Boxing near Seattle.

139 lbs, Casey Peck of the Golden Glove Boxing Club in Portland, OR stopped Aaron Caban of West Eugene with head shots in the first round.

130 lbs, Karl Capp of Sugar Company, Salem won by retirement after the first round over Ty Stephens of the Bay City, OR Sand Dragons.

145 lbs, Juan Ulloa of Self Defense Boxing in Klamath Falls, OR won over Tim Abell of South Everett, Washington.

143 lbs, Alfred Coronado of West Portland Boxing Club won over Jared Hathaway of Self Defense in Klamath Falls.

140 lbs, James Ramos of the Grand Avenue Gym in Portland won over Rafael Ortiz of Sweet Home.

165 lbs, Marco Ashe of Sweet Home won over Tim Soto of Sugar Company, Salem.

122 lbs, women, Lori Graham of Sugar Company won over Kate Hanlon of the Grand Avenue Gym in Portland.

135 lbs, Juan Jaramillo of Sugar Company, Salem won over Imod Absuzaki of the Grand Avenue Gym.

120 lbs, Sergio Hernandez of Sugar Company, Salem won over Jesus Orozco of Self Defense, Klamath Falls.

147 lbs, females, Molly McConnell of the Grand Avenue Gym won over Adrienne Lugg of Capitol Hill Boxing in Seattle.

155 lbs, Oscar Gutierrez of the Grand Avenue Gym in Portland won over Jesus Madrigal of South Everett.


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