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The Gimmick Worked - Part II: Katherine Dunn

Woe to him who scorns the power of the Gimmick. In the wake of the much ballyhooed and even more criticized Female vs Male match in Seattle on October 9, the female half of the equation is doing fine. Margaret "Tiger" MacGregor, the thirty-six year-old, 3-0 featherweight from Bremerton, WA. has just signed an endorsement deal for TKO women's boxing gear, and an agreement with Event Sports, Inc. to fight as yet unnamed women on their upcoming cards. Macgregor is definitely scheduled for a November show, and if she keeps winning will fight in December and January as well. Event Sports produces one show per month for Fox Sports International television.

Rick Kulis, the President of Event Sports, Inc. says he thinks MacGregor has the ability to be a star in her weight division. Kulis, who founded the International Female Boxing Association as a sanctioning body in 1997, went high profile with his disapproval of female vs male matches during a CNN Talk Back Live segment broadcast the day before the bout. The following Wednesday, while insisting that mixed matches have no place in the sport, Kulis acknowledged that he never would have heard of MacGregor, much less signed her to fight without the recent media frenzy. And of course, MacGregor's recent moment in the limelight makes her a recognizable name for upcoming Event Sports shows. "There's nothing wrong with that," says Kulis. "Women's boxing needs stars."

Word is that MacGregor's male opponent on the Seattle card is not so happy. Maybe out of embarrassment at his poor showing in the four round undercard bout, Chow immediately started demanding a re-match which no promoter seems eager to snap up. A subsequent Seattle Times story asserted that Chow feined illness and injury trying to get out of the bout, and that he hi-jacked the promoter for an extra $1500 at the last minute before agreeing to go through with the fight. That story was picked up and re-printed by Chow's hometown newspaper in Vancouver B.C. under the headline "What A Wimp!"

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