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October 11, 2000
First Seattle Pro-Am Show
By Katherine Dunn

B ack in the middle of the last century it was common for club show promoters to tuck a few amateur bouts onto the undercards of their pro fights. They filled out the evening at minimal cost to the promoter, and gave the amateurs some exposure and experience. In some cases the amateur winner got a watch or some such trophy which was easily pawnable for actual cash, but the proprieties were observed.

What with scandal and snootiness, the national amateur association shut down this cozy arrangement and it was forbidden for many a long year. Now, the national organizing body, U.S. Amateur Boxing, Inc. has changed its rules and, with specific requirements, permits combined shows with professional and amateur bouts on the same card.

Friday night, Oct. 6, at the Seattle Eagles Club, promoter Bob Oleson of Beaverton, OR staged the first pro-am event in the Northwest in several decades.

In the pro main event, Tim Shocks (165 1/2 lbs) of Seattle stopped Brock Stodden (167 lbs) of Bremerton in a TKO at 1:36 of the fourth round in a scheduled ten. Ref Ron Rall called the halt because Stodden was soaking up punches without answering back. Shocks took home the decorative Canadian American Mexican (C.A.M.) title belt with this win. Not coincidentally, C.A.M. was founded by promoter Bob Oleson.

On the undercard:

In an 8 rounder, Alfonso "Scooter" Meza (147 1/4 lbs) of Zilla, WA won a unanimous decision over slower slugger Chris Huntwork (147 1/4 lbs) of Portland, OR.

Tim Tully (169 1/4 lbs) of Bremerton, WA stopped Dominic Rivera (166 1/2 lbs) of Portland, OR with a TKO at 2:07 of the 2nd round in a scheduled four.

Heavyweight Cody Lee Gray (219 1/2 lbs lbs) of Seattle moved up to 3-0, 3 KO's with a first round stoppage of John Flewin (207 lbs) of Burnaby, B.C.

In a re-match, Billy Kirwin (157 3/4 lbs) of London, England via Portland, OR won a four round unanimous decision over Amaury Bandera (154 1/2 lbs) of Forest Grove, Oregon, reversing the result in the pairs' first encounter.

Pro Referees: Ron Rall and Bobby Howard
Pro Judges: Joe Macaluso, Tom McDonough, Morris McCullum
Ringside Physician: Dr. John Nees

After the professional bouts came an intermission followed by the four amateur bouts. Amateur officials replaced the pro refs and judges and the bouts were coordinated by Coach Bob Jarvis of the Hillman City Boxing Club in Seattle, began.

Amateur Results:

In a Special Senior match of three two-minute rounds, Chris Hammaker (205 lbs) of Seattle's 10th Avenue Boxing Gym stopped A.J. Johnson (233 lbs) of South Park Boxing Club in Seattle when the ref stopped the contest in the second round.

Special Senior Tim Scache (146 lbs) of the Hillman City Boxing Club in Seattle won a 3 round decision over Jesse Rodriguez (144 lbs) of the Columbia Basin Boxing Club in Kennewick, WA.

Sixteen year-old Jose Alejo (156 lbs) of the Hillman City Boxing Club won a three round decision over 17 year-old Jesse Kawoosh (165 lbs) of Queets Boxing Club near Tahola, WA.

In an Open Senior match of four two-minute rounds, Jody Hill (177 lbs) of Hillman City Boxing KO'd Dave Reeves (173 lbs) of Port Kells, British Columbia in the first round of a scheduled four round bout with two-minute rounds. Reeves is the Western Canadian champion in the division.

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