Clem Johnson

BORN   c. 1894; West Bank, British Guiana (Fought out of New Orleans, Louisiana)
HEIGHT 6-1 (Some sources report over six feet)
WEIGHT 213 lbs
RACE Black; Guianan
MANAGER Leo P. Flynn

Johnson was a big, strong fighter who could strike hard blows but possessed few boxing skills

During his career, he gained wins over such men as Sam Langford, "Rough House" Ware, Jack Leslie, Battling Owens and "Black" Gunboat Smith

       "Black" Gunboat Smith      in Panama                         L 15
       "Black" Gunboat Smith      in Panama                        KO  6
       "Black" Gunboat Smith      in Panama                         L 15

Mar 17 Jim "Jam" Barry            San Francisco, Ca                 D  4
Apr  7 "Tiny" Jim Herman          Oakland, Ca                       L  4
May 28 Jack Smith                 Sacramento, Ca                   KO   
Jun 11 Andre Anderson             Portland, Or                      L 10
Jul 30 Harlan Bunker              San Francisco, Ca                 D  4
Sep 10 "K.O." Ed Kruvoskey        San Francisco, Ca                 L  4
       -This man was "Sailor Ed Petroskey"
Sep 17 Jim "Jam" Barry            San Francisco, Ca                 L  4
Nov 16 Lee Anderson               Aberdeen, Wa                      L 10
       -Some sources report 11/15/20;
        Some sources report "L 6";
        Some sources report "Ole Anderson"
Dec 23 Sam Langford               Marshfield, Or                    L  6

Jan  8 Kid Norfolk                St. Paul, Mn                     ND 10
       -Some sources report 1/08/20
Jan 14 "Tiny" Jim Herman          Portland, Or                      L  8
       -Some sources report 1/15/21
Mar 11 Jack Thompson              St. Louis, Mo                     L  8
Jun  6 Kid Norfolk                St. Paul, Mn                    SCH   
       -This bout was scheduled and held;
        The outcome is unknown;
        Some sources report "ND 10"

Feb 18 Buddy Jackson              Brooklyn, NY                      W 12
Apr 14 Brad Simmons               St. Louis, Mo                    LF  5
May 17 Battling Owens             New Orleans, La                   W 15
Aug  8 Jack Thompson              Jersey City, NJ                   L 12
Sep 29 Harry Wills                New York, NY                     LT 12
Nov  8 Jack Leslie                New Orleans, La                   W 15
Nov 16 James "Tut" Jackson        Washington Court House, Oh       LK  2
       "Black" Gunboat Smith                                       KO  1
       -Perhaps, this man was Ed "Gunboat" Smith (white)
       Jack Smith                                                  KO   
       John Lester Johnson                                         KO   

Jan 15 "Rough House" Ware         Staten Island, NY                TK 10
       -Some sources report "KO 6"
Feb 27 George Godfrey             Albany, NY                        L 12
Jul 27 Sam Langford               Juarez, Mx                       TK 13
          -Heavyweight Championship of Mexico;
        Some sources report 7/22/23
Sep  3 Jack Taylor                Berwyn, Md                        D 12
Oct  8 Battling McCreary          Boston, Ma                        L 10
Oct 26 "Tiny" Jim Herman          Minneapolis, Mn                  LT  8
       -Some sources report "LK 3"

Feb 18 Battling Gahee             Detroit, Mi                      ND 10
Aug  8 Chief Halbran              New Bedford, Ma                   L  8
Nov 27 Theodore "Tiger" Flowers   Canton, Oh                       ND 12
       "Tiny" Jim Herman          Minneapolis, Mn                  NC  7
       -Some sources report 1927

Jul 19 Battling Owens             New Orleans, La                  WF  7
       -Some sources report 6/19/25;
        Some sources report "Gretna, La"
Aug 29 Carl Carter                Brooklyn, NY                     LT  7

Jan    Jim Stone                  Hartford, Ct                      L   
Jun 19 "Napoleon" Jack Dorval     New York, NY                    SCH   
       -This bout was scheduled; The outcome is not known
Nov  1 Arthur DeKuh               Brooklyn, NY                     LT  1
       "Fighting" Bob Lawson                                       LK   

Feb 28 Leo Gates                  Pittsfield, Ma                    L 10
Aug  6 Johnny Urban               Providence, RI                    L 10
Sep 29 Battling Levinsky          Philadelphia, Pa                  L 10
Nov 18 Monte Munn                 Syracuse, NY                     LT  2
Nov 21 George Godfrey             Atlantic City, NJ                LK  1

Apr  9 Jim Maloney                Fall River, Ma                   LT  2
Apr 30 Battling Levinsky          Harrisburg, Pa                    L  8
Dec  3 George Godfrey             Richmond, Va                     LK  3

Record courtesy of Tracy Callis, Historian, International Boxing Research Organization
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