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Medgoen Captures WBC Fly Title on Third Round KO: Joe Koizumi

September 17, 1999
NAKHON SI THAMMARAT, THAILAND-Unbeaten Thailander MEDGOEN 3K-BATTERY, 112, captured the WBC flyweight title, as he impressively chalked up a fine KO win over defending champ MANNY PACQUIAO of the Philippines, 113, at 1:32 of the third round.

Pacquiao failed to make the stipulated weight 112, scaling at 113 1/2 pounds at his first trip to the scale. Though given a time allowance of two hours, the already drained Filipino could reduce just a half pound and weighed at 113 to officially lose his title on the scale then and there.

"I weighed at 135 pounds a month before when I started training, so had to reduce 23 pounds in 30 days. Though I went down to 113, I couldn't sweat off another pound," said the ex-champ afterward.

Pacquiao, a much taller lefty, looked sluggish from the start. Medgoen cautiously fought in the first round, but realized that the champ wasn't what he had wrested the belt via an upset KO win over Chatchai Dutchboygym here last December.

The Thailander, in the second, landed a solid straight right and almost stunned the Filipino. Medgoen went all out for a kill, and kept stalking the backpedalling champ who appeared quite groggy.

The third saw Medgoen remain very aggressive and have him staggering from pillar to post. The Thailander scored a heavy straight right to the belly with the champ going down to the deck. Pacquiao barely pulled himself after Mexican referee Lupe Garcia tolled the fatal ten.

It's a miserable defeat for Pacquiao, making his second defense, as he showed nothing but his disappointingly sluggish performance. It's unbelievable that his handlers failed to watch the champ's condition and allowed him to be idle until just a month before the title go. That poor handling cost the precious world title, and the Philippines now possesses no world crown with Luisito Espinosa, Gerry Penalosa and Pacquiao forfeiting their thrones. Thailand, on the contrary, now boasts of six world champs of the WBA and the WBC, dominating the Asian boxing map.

The newly crowned Medgeon improved his unblemished mark to 19-0, 12 KOs. The crestfallen Pacquiao dumped to 25-2, 16 KOs. Pacquiao, without finesse, depended on his raw power thanks to his big physique as a 112-pounder, but now he decided to move up to the 118-pound division by jumping the super-fly class.

Scored after the second session-Ray Solis (Mexico), David Chung (Korea) and Walter Scott (Australia), all 20-18 for Medgeon.

Promoter: Virat Vajiratanawongse.


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