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Joe Koizumi

December 20, 1999

TOKYO, JAPAN-Fast-rising prospect, JBC #3 ranked super-bantam OSAMU SATO, 114 3/4, decked an important victory as he displayed effective body shots and earned a unanimous decision over NIKOLAI EREMEEV, formerly ranked by the WBA, 120 3/4, Russia, over 10.

Sato had the upper hand over the previously unbeaten Russian, piling up points by digging solid blows to the breadbasket.

Sato raised his good ledger to 18-1-1, 9 KOs. Eremeev tasted his first setback and dropped to 13-1-1, 5 KOs.

In accordance with Fight Fax's record book, Eremeev's mark until the end of 1998 was 10-0, 4 KOs, although his record was announced by the JBC's ring announcer as 12-0-1, 3 KOs before the outcome of this bout.

UNDERCARDS: JBC #3 ranked super-light KOKICHI TANAKA, 139 1/2, scored a TKO win over Filipino JUN MONDONEDO, 133 1/4, at 1:20 of the 4th round in a scheduled 10. Tanaka is 14-5-1, 9 KOs.

JBC #9 ranked welter MOTOKI SASAKI, 139 3/4, was also a TKO victor over ATSUSHI HOSOYA, 140, at 1:48 of the 4th canto in the first tenner. The winner is 9-2, 7 KOs, and the loser 7-7, 6 KOs.

Kyoei Promotions.

Dec. 19
SHIZUOKA, JAPAN-JBC #10 ranked light fly KOJI SANO, 105 3/4, outscored YUKI HASHIGUCHI, 105, over 10.

Sano is 14-5-5, 2 KOs. Hashiguchi is 7-7, 4 KOs. Hiraishi Promotions.

Dec. 21
OSAKA, JAPAN-MAKOTO SUGINO, 133, scored a quick KO win over TAKAYUKI SOEDA, 131 1/4, at 0:27 of the second round in a scheduled 10.

Sugino is 8-7, 6 KOs. Soeda tasted his first defeat and dropped to 8-1-1, 2 KOs.

JBC #1 ranked super-feather contender ATSUSI TAMAKI, 129 3/4, was awarded a technical decision over YOICHI ENDO, 129 3/4, in the 5th round of a scheduled 10.

Remarks: Tamaki's given name can be pronounced Atsushi or Koji, and sometimes it was announced either prior to the fight. This reporter/matchmaker has confirmed that his real name is Atsushi, but our Commission's ratings in English describe it as Koji. For the sake of international record-keepers, if necessary, I may write ATSHI "KOJI" TAMAKI.

This was the last card held here in Japan in 1999. Early next year, this reporter would like to count how many cards took place here in 365 days, but estimates some 250 ones or more.

Apollo Promotions.


Joe Koizumi

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