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November 29, 1999

OSAKA, JAPAN-Filipino lefty TIGER ARI, 129 3/4, acquired the vacant OPBF super-feather title via beautiful one-punch KO of previously unbeaten KENJI RYUKI, 129 1/2, flattening him at 0:30 of the third round in a scheduled 12.

32-year-old Ari, whose real name is Edel Olivetti (that his father and ex-Orient champ Oscar Reyes named after his own idol world bantam kingpin Edel Jofre), proved too strong for the less experienced ex-amateur star. Ryuki fought on even terms in the opening session, but Ari bloodied his nose with his favorite southpaw right uppercut to the face and tossed sharp one-twos to the face in the second. Ari, in the third, exploded a very well-timed and strong left that had him bounce off the back-head on the canvas.

Referee David Chung, Korea, didn't hesitate to declare a stoppage without counting. (In this case, in Japan, it is registered as KO, since the ref judges that he was so obviously unable to go on that he could count more than 10 at one contestant's visit to the deck as he hit the back head to the deck, et al.)

Scored after the second round-David Chung (Korea) 20-19 and Virgilio Garcia (Philippines) 20-18, both for Ari, and Hiroyoshi Yasuda (Japan) 19-19.

WBC #7 ranked Ari raised his mark to 55-5-2, 25 KOs. Ryuki tasted his first pro defeat, dropping to 8-1, 5 KOs. The newly crowned Ari is obliged to meet OPBF #2 ranked Korean champ Wonbo Chun in his first defense. Promoter: Harada Promotions.
Matchmaker: Joe Koizumi


Nov. 28
KOCHI, JAPAN-Philippine super-bantam champ DINO OLIVETTI, 124 3/4, withstood an opening attack of local favorite AKIFUMI YOSHIZAKI, 124 1/4, took the leadoff from the third on and floored him with a barrage of punches to prompt the referee's stoppage without counting at 2:52 of the 8th round.

Olivetti bettered his ledger to 20-7, 9 KOs. Yoshizaki, a hard-hitting but less skillful on defense, fell to 8-4, 8 KOs. Promoter: Kuroshio Promotions.
Matchmaker: Joe Koizumi.

Nov. 28
MIYAKONOJO, JAPAN-Elongated lightweight prospect TADASHI YUBA, 136 1/4, found it easy to sink Filipino DODONG BASALO, 134 1/2, with a single body shot at 2:27 of the second round in a scheduled 10.

Yuba, who held Japanese national champ and world contender Rick Yoshimura to a hard-fought draw in the champ's 19th defense last September to raise his credit very highly, bettered his mark to 13-1-1, 8 KOs. It's Basalo's third defeat here in as many bouts. Promoter: Miyakonojo Leo Sports Promotions.
Matchmaker: Joe Koizumi.

Nov. 28
SHIZUOKA-Tough kid HIROAKI MURAKOSHI, JBC #3 ranked super-fly, 115 1/2, had a tough time with durable Filipino FELIX MARFA, 116, but the former's higher workrate carried him to a unanimous decision over 10. Murakoshi, who fought a very game battle with the then Japanese champ Akihiko Nago though losing a unanimous decision last year, improved his mark to 15-5-2, 11 KOs.

HIROKAZU TERAMOTO, 121, outscored TETSUYA MORISHITA, 120 3/4, over 10. Promoter: Mitsuyama Promotions. (11-28-99)

Nov. 23
NAGOYA-Unbeaten lefty prospect HIROSHI NAKANO, 111, impressively captured the OPBF flyweight title, as he gamely coped with the tricky style of defending champ MELVIN MAGRAMO, 111 3/4, scored with effective combinations and earned a majority but popular decision over 12.

Scored: referee David Chung (Korea) 117-112 and Takaomi Ito (Japan) 117-113, both for Nakano, and Richard Flores (Philippines) 114-114.

Nakano, managed by ex-WBC super-bantam champ Kiyoshi Hatanaka, started his fireworks from the second, and mixed up with the very unorthodox and puzzling stylist Magramo. Nakano had him at bay with a flurry of punches to have him on the verge of a knockdown in the 10th.

Nakano bettered his unblemished mark to 12-0, 8 KOs. Magramo, who suffered a gash over the right eyebrow in the 8th, dropped to 29-14-2, 18 KOs. The low-ducking Filipino was penalized for using his head in the third.
Promoter: Hatanaka Promotions.
Matchmaker: Joe Koizumi.

Nov. 22
KOBE, JAPAN-WBC #30 ranked super-bantam CHOLUHO SENRIMA, 123, survived a third round visit to the deck and dropped very durable Filipino ARCHIE ANO-OS, 123, en route to a fine TKO at 1:27 of the 7th round in a scheduled 10.

Senrima, a Korean boy born and residing in Kobe, is 17-3-3, 9 KOs. He is gunning for a shot at the Japanese national title against Yutaka Manabe, a gutsy lefty puncher.
Senrima Kobe Promotions.
Matchmaker: Joe Koizumi.

REMARKS: This reporter does not think himself lazy, but the aforementioned matchmaking schedule almost killed him and his pen. But he will write on all unreported soon.

-- Joe Koizumi
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