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Bloodied Ryuki Wins a Technical Decision Over Iwasa in Grudge Fight: Joe Koizumi

July 9, 1999
OSAKA, JAPAN - Unbeaten ex-amateur prospect KENJI RYUKI, Japanese #1 ranked super-feather, 125 1/4, sustained a big and deep vertical cut caused by an accidental butt to be awarded a technical decision over veteran campaigner TOMOAKI IWASA, 125 1/4, at 2:50 of the 6th round in a scheduled 10.

They fought here last Apr., when Iwasa bled too profusely to continue and the referee declared Ryuki a TKO victor as he saw it produced by the home-towner's legal punches. But it caused a controversy as Iwasa had fought very well prior to the stoppage.

So, their rematch took place with Ryuki, this time, suffering a bad gash, which resulted in the officials taking a technical decision. Ryuki was obviously winning on points, so he was rendered a technical decision.

Ryuki, a lefty upright stylist, is 8-0, 5 KOs. Iwasa fell to 23-8-3, 16 KOs.

Ryuki, also the OPBF top contender, was scheduled to fight the WBC #8 ranked Tiger Ari in Osaka on Oct. 7. But Ryuki's cut was so severe as to require another surgery in addition to a temporary treatment in the dressing room. He is to have the cut sewed again and will not be able to resume sparring sessions for months. Finally, the OPBF elimination bout caused by former champ Kengo Nagashima's relinquishment was postponed until Nov. 29.

JBC #4 ranked super-light KIYOSHI ADACHI, 138 1/2, displayed his superior power in demolishing TSUKASA KASHIWAGI, 143 1/2, at 0:15 of the 6th round in a semi-final 10.

Adachi improved to 16-4-1, 10 KOs. Kashiwagi fell to 6-4-1, 3 KOs.

Harada Promotions. (not by Fighting Harada but by Jitsuo Harada of Osaka) (7-9-99)


July 11, 1999
SHIMIZU, JAPAN-JBC #4 ranked HIROAKI MURAKOSHI, 115, easily disposed of Filipino MARLON TERADO, 115, at 1:26 of the third round in a scheduled 10.

Murakoshi, 14-5-2, 12 KOs, previously failed to win the OPBF super-fly title from Raffy Montalban and the Japanese national title from sensational lefty Akihiko Nago, but showed good performances to go the distance. This boy is durable, and can punch despite his lack of finesse. Mitsuyama Promotions. (7-11-99)


Joe Koizumi
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