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A Man Among Men
A Man Among Men
By Kelly Richard Nicholson

In 1899, an extraordinary young athlete ascended to the heavyweight championship of the world. He was an outdoor man of free spirit, not given to boast or loud manner, and he had little use for public acclaim. Yet many who saw him maintained that he was the greatest heavyweight fighter in ring history. Here is the story of James J. Jeffries.

... "altogether riveting... historical biography of the highest order...Fittingly enough, Dr. Nicholson delivers a knockout"
    - Dan Cuoco, Director, International Boxing Research Organisation

... "through tireless research, Professor Nicholson brings to life the entire Jeffries, not merely the White Hope of popular image, the shell of a giant battered by [Jack] Johnson... But the whole of the man. A story long needed in its telling is here.
    - Harry Shaffer, boxing historian, Proprietor, Antiquities of the Prize Ring

... "an amazing piece of work, forged deftly by a scholar who knows his craft and knows the ring firsthand. It is a kind of book that I have long wished to see in this field."
    - Bob Oleson, noted boxing trainer, promoter and matchmaker

With the publication of this book, James J. Jeffries is poised to reclaim a prime spot on America's cultural landscape
    - Mike DeLisa, boxing historian, founder of the CBZ

Now, finally, Jeffries has the biography and the biographer that he deserves to set the record straight
    - Bert Randolph Sugar, author and publisher, boxing's foremost historian

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