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December 7, 2000

New England Chatta  - by JD Vena
Most Massachusetts fighters are often referred to as "catchers" (or around heah, "catchah's"), a term used for a fighter who takes punches whether he has the resiliency to absorb them or not.  These days however, a couple of the state's better known pugilists have been thrown curve balls that Sandy Alomar would have trouble gloving.  Joe Lake, the manager of Malden's "Dangerous" Dana Rosenblatt was thought to have secured a title shot against WBC super-middleweight champion, Dingaan Thobela only to have lost out to
Canadian legend, Davey Hilton.  Hilton, who had lost in his latest and third fight with nemesis, Stephane Ouillette meets Thobela at the Molson Center on December 15th.

 Sal LoNano, the manager of "Irish" Micky Ward also thought he had a guaranteed shot at Kostya Tszyu's WBC jr. welterweight title for February only to find out that Ward's opportunity will be pushed back.  Tszyu is slated to meet WBA kingpin, Sharmba Mitchell in February in a unification match instead, then hopes to meet Ward in an April defense.  Though Mitchell has a questionable chin, he is a well-conditioned boxer and if he makes it through 12 rounds, don't expect Tszyu to automatically walk away with both titles.  In case you might have forgot, Mitchell is managed by Carl King and promoted by Carl's dad, Don.

 According to publicist, Bob Trieger, John "The Quietman" Ruiz of Chelsea, Ma could be getting his second opportunity of a lifetime in meeting 4-time WBA heavyweight champion Evander Holyfield in a rematch of their fight last August.  Though Ruiz is not the WBA number one contender, the organization is mandating the match because of the controversy surrounding their first encounter where many felt that Ruiz "wuz robbed."  The fight may be a done deal by as early as next week and could take place in China in late February.  Stay tuned.

 One fight taking place this Friday (Dec. 8) at the Worcester Centrum Centre will be between Irish Boxing Union jr. middleweight champion, Jim Rock and South Boston's "Tough" Tommy Attardo.  The bout was originally scheduled to be for the IBU title held by Rock until it was discovered that Attardo's Irish heritage wasn't strong enough.  According to IBU rules, one must have at least one parent or grandparent that was born in Ireland to fight for the organization's title.  It was found that though Attardo's grandmother carried a maiden name of Brophy, it was her mother that was actually born in Ireland.  Now Attardo (8-4-2) will meet Rock (17-1) for bragging rights. Rock's only defeat came in his 7th fight against Ensley Bingham of Manchester, England when ahead after 6 rounds was stopped in the 7th round. According to Rock, Bingham who went 12 rounds with Winky Wright for the WBO Jr. middleweight title in 1996 landed a flurry of punches that prompted the referee to stop the contest prematurely.  The fearless Attardo, who was undefeated after 8 fights until being thrown in with tough (and connected) prospects was last seen showing his Irish in an 8 round defeat against Worcester's Jose Rivera.  Rivera (32-2) is scheduled to meet tough Dominican native, Angel Beltre (26-12) in an 8 round co-feature.  Also appearing on the Ken Kosla's 2nd BoxAmerica show will be the debuts of Danny Amoro or Dorchester and Yolanda Gonzalez of Newark, NJ.  Massachusetts's own Butterbean, Joe Siciliano of Leominster is also fighting Miguel Ortiz in a 4-rounder.  For ticket information, call Ticketmaster at (508) 931-2000 or (617) 931-2000.

 Everett cruiserweight Rich "The Mountain" LaMontange is looking for some work but he isn't finding any in the ring.  Inactive since a disappointing July loss to New York's Gary Wilcox, LaMontange is hoping that the loss will give him an opportunity to fight another young prospect hoping to make the mistake of building their career against him.  The 30 year old LaMontange isn't just sitting on his duff these though.  Robert DeNiro recently had LaMontange audition as a gangster for a new movie that DeNiro is working on. The actor/model/boxer LaMontange, who played a minor role in one of DeNiro's latest films (Flawless) was also asked about being cast as the younger brother of Rocky in Rocky VI by Sly himself.  Stay tuned.

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