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Joe Bruno - Former Vice President of the New York Boxing Writers
Association and the International Boxing Writers Association
Sept. 24, 2000

News Item: Showtimes’ Fight card proves one prospect, disapproves the other.

    On Saturday night, Showtime showcased two young fighters under contact to
them, who were basically unknown, except to the most fervent of boxing

    In the opening bout WBO  jr. middle champ Harry Simon retained his title
with a ho-hum twelve-round majority decision over Rodney Jones.  Two judges
had the fight 117-11 for Simon, while the other had it 114-114, a draw, which
matched this reporter’s scorecard.

    Simon sez he’s ready to fight Felix Trinidad for the title. Simon sez he
will beat Fernando Vargas too. But in reality, it doesn't’ matter what Simon
sez,  because Simon sucks. Bigtime.

    Simon punched in bunches while charging aimlessly forward. But most of
his blows landed on air, or were picked off by Jones’ gloves. Jones,  truly a
stinkeroo southpaw,  dances like Fred Astaire, only Fred Astaire hits harder,
much harder. And Old Fred’s been dead for more than a decade.

    If Showtime puts Simon in with anyone who can punch even a little, Simon
will go down like Madonna at a frat party.

    After the fight, Simon said of Jones: "He prepared very well for this
fight. That is why he was able to last. He is a very sharp fighter. It was a
tough fight, much different than I expected."

    After the fight, Jones said,  “I thought it was a robbery, he was
throwing a lot of punches, but I was blocking most of them. I will be back.”

    Who does Jones think he is? Arnold Swartzenegger?

    Jones comes back and fans will be put to sleep.

    Simon comes back against a puncher and he will be put to sleep.

    Next case.

    WBO jr lightweight champion Acelino Freitas from Brazil looked like the
real deal in stopping game Argentinean Carlo Rios in the ninth round of their
scheduled 12-rounder. Freitas improved his record to 27-0, with 27 KO’s,
making him the only present champion with a 100% knockout rate.

    For eight rounds, the undersized Rios stood up under the hard-punching
Freitas’ blows. Freitas, in fact, looked like a middleweight compared the the
fragile looking Rios. But Rios took everything Freitas could muster, until a
Freitas right hand in the ninth round opened a nasty gash under Rios’ left
eye. Rios staggered into a corner and a barrage of Freitas’ blows nailed Rios
into the canvas. The ref Joe Cortez  tolled the mandatory eight count and
waved for the fighters to continue.

    Suddenly, one of Rios’ handlers threw a towel into the ring, signaling
his fighter had had enough. No argument here. The time of the stoppage was
1:18 of round nine.

    The 130-pound division may be the most talented division  in boxing. All
four champions, Diego Corrales, Joel Casamayor, Floyd Mayweather and Freitas are undefeated. Any of these fighters,  fighting one of the others would be a tossup. Not that it will ever happen with the conflicts between the rival
promoters and pay networks who manipulate each of the fighter’s careers.

 To summarize: Acelino Freitas -- two thumbs up. Harry Simon -- two thumbs

    Madonna -- head down, thumbs up. Or any combination thereof.

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