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News Item: Bad weekend for bullies as Ayala and Chavez bite the dust.

    Now if only the New York Yankees had held onto their Saturday night lead
against the Minnesota Twins, it would’ve been the perfect weekend.

    First on Friday night on ESPN2, convicted two-time rapist Tony “El Disgratiata” Ayala get his face bashed in by Yory Boy Campas, and was last seen at the end of the eight round sitting on his stool, both eyes swollen almost shut, crying like he was the one who was being raped. No sympathy from this reporter here. I’ll save that for the two woman Ayala sexually attacked and brutally beat to a pulp.

    Saturday night we were treated to the delightful scene of another bully
getting his just desserts. No, Julio Caesar Chavez is not a  criminal like Ayala. Chavez was once a great fighter, maybe a little bit overrated, who has spent the last seven years crying about one imagined slight after another. We all saw Chavez get beat by Pernell Whitaker, only to have the judges corrupted by Dung King, score the fight a draw. Then Oscar De la Hoya brutalized Chavez not once, but twice. And Frankie Randall also beat Chavez twice, but was only officially give one win due to more of Dung King’s chicanery.

    But did Chavez ever give credit to his conquerors?

    Nada. Humility and common courtesy have never been two of Chavez’ finer
traits. Chavez has been  uncommunicative and downright surly to the American
press, which represents the American paying public. Only to his fellow Mexicans has Chavez shown any attempt at rapport.

    So this reporter sat back with a brew, or two Saturday night expecting to see on Showtime Television Chavez receiving the same sort of beating Ayala had received the night before. And thanks to transported Russian, now Australian, Kostya Tszyu, I was definitely not disappointed.

    Truthfully, this was a fight that should never have happened in the first place.  Senator John McCain tried hard to stop the fight from taking place in his home state of Arizona. He even went so far as penning a letter to Governor  Jane Hull in June, asking her to keep this mismatch out of Phoenix.

    But bucks talk and bullspit walks. So Dung King was able to finagle the fight anyway and garner Chavez a $1.2 million purse, which with Dung King’s arithmetic, means Chavez, if lucky, maybe got half a mil, with the Dungster pocketing all the rest.

    From the first minute, it was obvious Chavez was in way over his head. Tszyu was clearly the stronger man, tossing  Chavez to the canvas twice like a limp rag doll. The best punches Chavez landed all night were south of the Republic of Georgia, forcing the referee Bobby Ferrara to penalize Chavez one point after about the seventh low blow.

    In round five, Tszyu beat a tattoo on Chavez’ progressively swollen mug. When the round ended, Chavez went back to his corner and slumped in his stool. He shook his head and seemed to be saying, “Is $1.2 million really only half a mil?”

    In round six, a chopping Tszyu right deposited Chavez face first on all fours. Chavez again shook his head at the canvas. And when he got to his feat, Tszyu shook Chavez’ head  a few more times for him with punishing lefts and rights, before the ref stopped the slaughter, just about the same time Chavez’ cornerman was heading up to the ring waving the white towel of No Mas. The pro-Chavez faction in the crowd, voiced their displeasure by raining the ring with cups of Cerveza. Chavez was their macho hero, and nothing less than Chavez being carried out of the ring on a stretcher would please this motley crew of vulgarians and fools.

    After the fight, Jim Gray interviewed Chavez in the ring, while Chavez’ young son’s head was buried in his beaten father’s chest. Would Chavez now give some credit to the man who just handed him his head? Nope. Instead, Chavez muttered  inanities like, “I apologize to the Spanish people and I apologize to Don King.”

    For what? For not letting Dung King steal his entire purse for the fight?

    Chavez, now officially 103-5-2,  also said, "It looks like the time for me to retire." But don’t bet your bodega on that one.

    Guaranteed, Chavez and Dung King have a farewell fight for Chavez planned in Mexico, to give both one huge final payday. And also guaranteed, the opponent won’t be as tough as the Challupa Chihuahua. He’ll probably be some Mexican cab driver, the same type of opponent Chavez fought to get his first sixty wins, out of the probing eye of American television.

    Ayala and Chavez beaten like pinatas on the same weekend. Life just a bowl of cherries, and this weekend’s two losers are truly just the pits.

    Pass the champagne. It’s time to celebrate.

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