Michael Grant- Jose Luis Gonzalez

The Big Stink

By Mike DeLisa

On Halloween, Bally's in Las Vegas held its annual "Big Smoke," a two-day junket for cigar smokers. I was there with my cigar company (www.orinoco.com) and was surprised to see the billboard for the Grant-Gonzales fight, especially since it audaciously proclaimed it to be a title fight. Clearly one for the suckers. I had been ringside for Witherspoon's blowout of Gonzales and it was clear from that fight that Gonzales not only did not have the skills to compete with even middle echelon fighters, but also did not give a shit!

At another Vegas junket after that I ran into Jorge in a bar at Bally's at 3 in the morning (this is not a criticism since that is roughly noon in Vegas time!). He was alone. I introduced myself and asked him what he was doing. He told me he would be fighting Ross Purrity. He had on that half-smirk of his but he insisted he was taking things seriously, as evidenced by the fact that he was not drinking. (He wasn't). Purrity stopped him.

Oh well. Now he was fighting Michael Grant for a title. Grant at least has potential.

Tonight, I actually cut a meeting short to get home and watch this fight. After a couple of arm swings by Grant and two knockdowns, "sycophant" Joe Cortez waved it off. Thank heavens because my wife had taped E.R. for me and I wanted to watch it.

Oh yeah, Grant does have potential! He has the potential to be another Jorge Luis Gonzales -- only with more hair.


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