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by GorDoom

October 20, 2000

L eg-Iron Mike Tyson is certainly the 800-lb. Gorilla of boxing (no, I'm not being racist, Mr. Tyson). It wobbles the mind of this scribe, that a fighter who hasn't had one great performance since knocking out Michael Spinks in March of 1988 has such a hold on the public's imagination.

The amazement is that this facination is based on smoke & mirrors. Since Buster Douglas destroyed Leg-Iron in Tokyo, in January of 1990, I defy anyone to point to one excellent performance in the intervening decade.

Tonight, the sweet science has it's two most famous head cases fighting for what I guess could be termed, The Loopy Heavyweight Championship Of The World. & the public is eating it up hook, line & sinker ...

If this circus event actually turns into a real honest-to-goodness fight , the Ol' Spit Bucket will be the most surprised man in America. I don't believe Tyson can handle any kind of pressure anymore, whether it be in the ring or with the media or the fans.

Mr. Golota, despite his well documented foibles, is actually a very skilled fighter when his head is on straight. Ah, but that's the rub, it almost never is ... So what we have here is two fighters who are truly, Edge City & Over ... If Golota can make a fight of it, Leg-Iron could be in a world of trouble; if he can't & mentally implodes, Mikey could end up smashing him into shards like a used up vodka bottle.

So with all that being said, here's my prediction for tonights "fight": A DQ or NC by the end of three rounds. & ... The riot will last longer than the fight. This is going to be one of the most combustible audiences ever assembled. Thousands of boistrous Poles - that be code for shitfaced - & thousands of the baddest gang bangers from the heartland of America, don't smell like teen spirit to me ...

Personally, I wouldn't attend this fight even if I had a body armor suit & an assault rifle.

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