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World Champion For Five Years Dariusz Michalczewski: Fabian Weber

Hamburg - 13 September 1999. Last Friday German Dariusz Michalczewski celebrated a very special anniversary. On 10 September 1994 - five years ago - he won the WBO light heavyweight world title at the Alsterdorfer Sporthalle in Hamburg. This makes him one of the four currently longest reigning world champions in boxing beside Bernard Hopkins (middleweight), Felix Trinidad (welterweight) and Ricardo Lopez (strawweight).

The undefeated Michalczewski, 41-0 (34 KO4s), defended his title a record 16 times since, more than any other light heavyweight champion in history. American Roy Jones in comparison, the other world champion at the same weightclass, has only made four title defenses over his two year reign as champion.

Celebrating his anniversary with journalists, friends and his management in an exclusive restaurant Michalczewski was surprised with an aircraft hauling a banner across Hamburg that said 'Tiger' Champion For Five Years". Once again the 31-year-old directed words to his American counterpart Roy Jones, for years the man Michalczewski has tried to get into the ring: "I believe I'm the best and Jones thinks he is the best. A big event is always in need of two outstanding fighters. I believe Roy Jones wants this fight as well."

Recent acts from Jones, however, suggest otherwise. His management announced last week that his fight against Graciano Rocchigiani, the German who Jones has to face first, will take place in Biloxi, Mississippi instead of Germany - on the aggressive demand of Roy Jones. "For whatever reasons, Roy doesn't feel he has control outside of his own country. He is not motivated by money", his manager Murad Muhammad stated, who didn't appear to be happy with the decision of his charge.

It would be highly surprising if it turned out that Jones feels he needs a strong home advantage (Biloxi, a city that Jones calls his "second home", is only 120 miles from his home town of Pensacola) in order to have a chance against a tough German like Rocchigiani - or Dariusz Michalczewski.

One would think that a man, who considers himself pound-for-pound the best, is not in need of any help to win a fight.

Dariusz Michalczewski, who is currently on vacation with his family, will make another voluntary defense of his title in December in Germany, hoping to motivate Jones for a showdown early next year.

Fabian Weber
International Press Spokesman
Universum Box-Promotion GmbH

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