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Daisy Lang Wins WIBF World Title: Fabian Weber

Dusseldorf - 18 July 1999. In the chief supporter of the World Title defense of Juan Carlos Gomez and a Heavyweight contest of Wladimir Klitschko, German based Bulgarian Daisy Lang captured the vacant WIBF Jr.Bantamweight Title with a win over Hungarian Gizella Papp.

Lang (52 kg / 114,5 lb) scored a knockdown in round two and totaly outclassed Gizella Papp in every round until the Hungarian refused to come out of her corner following round 7.

The 27-year-old Lang started the fight very concentrated and put pressure on her opponent from the beginning The perforance of Papp (52 kg / 114,5 lb), however, was disappointing, as the Hungarian repeatedly turned her back to Lang and tried to escape Daisy's punches by running.

Lang improved her record to 8-1 (5 KO4s). Papp suffered her first loss in 8 fights, dropping to 7-1 (2 KO4s).

After Regina Halmich has Daisy Lang become the second female World Champion for Hamburg's Universum Box-Promotion.

"It was a dream that came true", the attractive blond Lang said afterwards. "But I feel that defending the title will become much harder than it was to win it."

"I congratulate Daisy for her win", promoter Klaus-Peter Kohl commented. " But I was disappointed by the performance of Gizella Papp. I expected more from her. This shows once again that female boxing is still in a period of developement. But our TV ratings in Germany for fights with Regina Halmich are very good so we continue doing female boxing."

"We also just received an offer for a fight with Regina Halmich in the USA", Kohl reported. "But the money they offered was much less than Regina and us expect. That's why we turned it down and wait for the next offer."

Fabian Weber
International Press Spokesman
Universum Box-Promotion GmbH
Am Stadtrand 27
22047 Hamburg
Tel: +49 40 696559-0
Fax:+49 40 696559-50

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