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Klitschko Eyes Axel Schulz: Fabian Weber

Wladimir Klitschko will fight on the undercard of Juan Carlos Gomez, but already sets his eyes on a showdown against Axel Schulz

Dusseldorf - 14 July 1999. Three weeks after Vitali Klitschko's impressive knockout over Herbie Hide his "little" brother Wladimir will step into the ring again. He will be fighting on the undercard of his Cuban stable mate Juan Carlos Gomez, who will defend his WBC Cruiserweight Title in the D|sseldorfer Phillipshalle next Saturday.

Wladimir Klitschko, 27-1 (25 KO4s), a 1996 Olympic Gold Medallist, will contest for the vacant WBA Continental Heavyweight belt - a title that was created recently by the World Boxing Association and that is intended for boxers from Europe or from Africa.

Klitschko's opponent will be Joseph Chingangu, 14-4 (10 KO4s), who was born in the South African interior Zambia, one of the most indepted countries of the world. During his career that started in 1992 Chingangu has been traveling through three different continents and six different countries. In 1997 he challenged Julius Francis for the Englishman's British and Commonwealth Titles, but lost a decision over 12 rounds.

Chingangu, even though being a serious opponent, is not ment to be more than one last tune-up fight for Wladimir Klitschko. Should he get past the Zambian Wladimir will take on Axel Schulz in a showdown for the vacant European Heavyweight Championship on 25 September at the Cologna Arena.

"First I concentrate on my next opponent", Wladimir may state again, but this time even the consequent Urkainian couldn't resist to look past his next fight. "I'm very happy that Axel finaly takes on me. I promise that it will be a great fight. It's a fight that will attract attention all over Europe."

"I'm very proud of my brother Vitali", Wladimir says on the victory of his older brother. "He's a great example for me. I'm very happy for him. But my time will come."

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