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Tiger and Rocky talking moderate at the final press conference
Fabian Weber

April 10, 2000

Dariusz Michalczewski vs. Graciano Rocchigiani
WBO ligth heavyweight world championship
April 15, 18:00
PREUSSAG Arena, Hannover

Hannover - "Of course this is a revenge because we fought each other before. However, it's a different question who gives the revenge and who gets it", Berlin's Graciano Rocchigiani made snide remarks at the last press conference before his world title fight against Dariusz Michalczewski on Saturday at Preussag arena in Hannover.

"This is a world title fight and I prepared calm and concentrated. There exist emotions but they should be left out of it and one should concentrate on the fight. And that's exactly what I will be doing. At the end we will see who leaves the ring as the winner. That's all I have to say about that", the former world champion at super middleweight stated who wore dark sun glasses that were hiding his eyes.

"Emotions should be left at home" WBO light heavyweight world champion Michalczewski agreed with his arch rival. "You should not carry emotions into the ring. There you have to box. Talking is a different thing. It's my job to perform inside the ring."

"I hope the spectators will be on my side on Saturday, but I'm prepared for every situation", Michalczewski explained looking back to their first fight in 1996 in Hamburg where a large fan community was cheering for his opponent.

"The preparations went fine without misfortunes. On Saturday I will step into the ring in top shape", Rocchigiani ensured who first prepared at the Kronk gym in Detroit, then at Emanuel Steward's new training facility at the Pocono mountains in Pennsylvania together with heavyweight world champion Lennox Lewis. "I'll be in top shape and I've done everything for this fight that I needed to do. I believe I will get on well."

"This time we prepared very specific", Michalczewski reported satisfied about his last months of hard work. "The preparation this time was super and without injuries. On Saturday I will give my best."

"We had a very long preparation this time on different locations", Universum chief coach Fritz Sdunek explained. "We had the initial training at the Canarian Islands, then we prepared in Hamburg and eventually we trudged in deep snow at the mountains of Zakopane in Poland. Everything went off smoothly and we could fulfil our schedule optimal. The concept did work out. Dariusz will step into the ring in top shape. I believe we will see a huge fight that the journalists will have a lot to write about afterwards."

"You can talk a lot and then don't perform accordingly", the man from Berlin explained. "I'm for just stepping into the ring and showing what you're capable of. All this talking gets on my nerves. It's because there has been enough talking and writing about it. Now we should just await what happens."

"I'm a boxer since 20 years. This is a new fight, the old one doesn't count anymore. I believe I will manage it fine. But: Let's wait and see. I don't like to talk too much before."

"During the last three and a half years I fought in many world title contests and the clash on Saturday will not go the way the first one did", The Tiger ensured confident. "I learned a lot since and I became a better boxer."

"Yes, in any case", Michalczewski replied determined to the question whether he will use a different game plan this time than in their first encounter. However, he was unwilling to reveal details.

"Boxing fans have been desperately waiting for three years and eight months for this fight", promoter Klaus-Peter Kohl swarmed. "I'm specifically happy that we can promote this event here at the new Preussag arena. It's certainly the most interesting fight in Germany since a very long time.


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