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Wolfgramm: "This is a defining fight and thatís why Iím here!"
Fabian Weber

March 13, 2000

Hamburg, March 13

Klitschko opponent Wolfgramm: "This is a defining fight and thatís why Iím here!"

It was their first meeting in four years when Wladimir Klitschko and Paea Wolfgramm sat close to each other on todayís press conference in Hamburg.

Ukrainian Wladimir Klitschko beat the man from Tonga in the finals of the Olympic games of Atlanta in 1996 to become the super heavyweight gold medal champion. On Saturday, March 18, Wolfgramm is looking for revenge when he meets the German based Klitschko, 31-1 (29 KOs), again, this time in the professionals in a 12 round contest for the vacant WBC international title. The event will take place at Alsterdorfer Sporthalle in Hamburg.

"I want to take nothing away from Wladimir. He won our first fight and achieved the gold medal. But this is a different fight from the Olympics. Iím definitely going to win this time", the 30-year-old islander predicted.

Itís only Wolfgrammís second trip to Germany, even though the man from Tonga has German ancestors. His fatherís grandfather went over to Tonga with several of his brothers in the 19th century. Wolfgramm still has some relatives in Germany who he contacts frequently.

"I took this fight even though itís Klitschkoís home town. I took it because it can further my career. It could pop me to the top-10. This is a defining fight, an important fight and thatís why Iím here."

Like the younger Klitschko brother did Wolfgramm, 18-1 (13 KOs), win all of his professional fights except for one. In May of 1998 he lost a decision in New Jersey, when he entered the ring weighing an out of shape 330 pounds.

"After my loss I understood that I have to work harder. You canít just run on talent alone, you have to develop it. And thatís what Iíve been doing since the loss. I slimmed down and got in better shape. There is no short cut."

Wolfgramm went on successfully to win his last four contests. In his last fight the highly muscular 6 foot 4 (1,93 m) islander weighed 268 lb.

"I had a different preparation for this fight. I will weigh a little more than in my last fight, because Iíve been intensively working on strength. I feel much stronger now."

"When you taste defeat once like I have you donít want to taste it again. But it can improve you. I think Wladimir has improved since his loss. He had some good wins lately. Iíve seen some things from Wladimirís conqueror Ross Puritty that I can do against him as well. But I have my own plans for this fight."


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