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Grant Stops Abdin, Golota Wins Fifth Straight!
By Francis Walker

On Saturday, January 30, at The Atlantic City Convention Center, "G-Men" Michael Grant and Andrew Golota emerged victorious. In the main event, Grant (29-0, 21KOs) pounded young heavyweight prospect Ahmad Abdin (25-2-3, 11KOs) into submission. Meanwhile, Golota (33-3, 27KOs), searching for his fifth consecutive victory since his first round kayo loss to WBC heavyweight champion Lennox Lewis 15 months ago, easily won a 10-round decision over "The Boogie Man," Jessie Ferguson (26-18, 16 KOs).

Both bouts, promoted by Main Events Monitor, were a part of an HBO "Boxing After Dark" double-header.

At 26, Grant, a native of Norristown, Pennsylvania, was given a run for his money early in the contest. Abdin, 26, Lattakia, Syria, landed the straight- right at will, creating a mouse across Grant's left eye. Grant, looking quickly winded past the third round, fought backward behind his left jabs and flurries. In the fourth, Grant was docked one point for low-blows by referee Eddie Cotton, although it looked like a clean shot to Abdin's stomach.

Through most of the contest, Abdin stalked Grant around the ring behind two-punch combinations. Occasionally, Abdin surprised Grant with solid head blows, having taken some of Grant's best shots. As the bout continued though, it was clear Adbin's endurance would decline, as Grant's strength forced his opponent backwards.

Grant's dominance during the later rounds was Adbin's down fall. Grant scored three impressive knockdowns -- one on a clean body shot to Abdin's stomach in the ninth and two in the tenth, one of them a flurry nearly knocking Abdin though the ropes.

The bout came to an end between the tenth and eleventh rounds, when Abdin could not respond to the ringside doctors questionnaires.

Prior to the stoppage, Grant was ahead on all three judges scorecards: 98-90, 98-89, and 96-91 following a point deduction from each card.

In addition: Golota's win over the 42-year-old Ferguson was a lot easier than Grant's. Ferguson, a native of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, was a mere punching bag. Toward the beginning of each round Golota, 32, Warsaw, Poland beat Ferguson to the punch with double-left hooks. Ferguson barely threw any adequate punches, as Golota's right hand follows and four-punch flurries found their mark constantly.

The bout was so uncompetitive, the judges' scoring was a clear description of the reality. At the end of ten, the three judges had it 100-89 (twice) and 98-90.

In the second round, Golota, famous for his dirty tactics in two disqualification losses to former world heavyweight champ Riddick Bowe two years ago, was warned twice for low-blows. The first was harmless, but the second one came toward the end of a heard three-punch series. Golota, however, was not docked a point.

Toward the end of the sixth, Golota hit Ferguson with a right hand after the bell. Ferguson, after a delayed response, lunged his right hand over referee Joe Cortez, in an attempt to punch Golota. Without warning, Ferguson was docked one point.

Each time Ferguson reached with his punches, Golota blocked and countered with a fast left-right hand series. Golota again was warned, but not docked for low-blows in the seventh.

For the remainder of the contest, Golota moved around the ring behind left jabs. Ferguson, who fought a defensive battle, was getting caught with up to as many as, eight to ten shots before he could throw one punch.

Afterward, Main Events promoter Dino Duva said Golota is a year away from fighting for the heavyweight championship of the world again. Also, Golota is currently in line to fight Mike Tyson in the Summer or the Fall. In addition, Golota is also one win away from securing a nice payday with Grant. That remains to be seen.


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