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Wladimir Klitscko returns with first round KO

(Stuttgart, 13 February 1999) The Olympic Gold Medal champion of Atlanta in the super heavyweight division Wladimir Klitschko returned from his single career loss last December with a quick first round knockout over an unbeaten European contender in the Alte Reithalle in Stuttgart this Saturday.

The highly concentrated 6 feet 7 (2,00 m) model athlete knocked out Serbian Zoran Vujecic at 1:02 into the opening round with the very first punches he threw in this short fight. A combination of left and right hands to the head dropped the overmatched Serbian, who remained on the floor unconciously.

Wladimir Klitschko (107,5 kg / 236 lbs) improved to 25-1 with 23 KOs, whereas Zoran Vujecic (97 kg / 214 lbs) dropped to 13-1 with 5 KOs.

In December of last year the Ukrainian suffered his first professional loss fighting against American Ross Puritty in his hometown of Kiev. Winning every round against the tough Puritty easily the overexcited Klitschko overpasted
himself and had to be taken out by his trainer in the eleventh round.

Wladimir Klitschko was eager to show that he was able to bear this set back and that he had learned from it.

„I made a lot of mistakes in the fight [against Puritty]. I was fighting on a too high pace. I wasted my energy and my punches", Klitschko admitted. "But I learned from my mistakes. I hope for a rematch against Ross Puritty this year. I'm confident that I will reach my aim to become the world heavyweight champion one time."

Before Klitschko can get his rematch against Puritty, though, the tough American will fight against German Axel Schulz, the man, who repeatedly avoided both Klitschko brothers last year.

"I'm not annoyed that Puritty is fighting against Schulz", the Ukrainian's German manager and promoter Klaus-Peter Kohl stated. "We couldn't reach an agreement with our different schedules."

"Let's await first, whether Schulz is able to outbox Puritty in each round the way Wladimir did. I don't believe so", Kohl predicted.

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