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Telesco Vows To Keep Mom's Promise
Francis Walker

November 27, 1999

Telesco Vows To Keep Mom's Promise...
Beat Jones, Win Light-Heavy Title!

Ranked number two amongst boxing's major-three, sanctioning bodies, light-heavyweight contender, David Telesco, who promised his mother shortly before she died several years ago that he would one day win the world championship, is in line to challenge for a world title shot. Telesco's opportunity could come in January 2000 if he meets the world's "Undisputed King of Champions," Roy Jones, Jr.

It was not too long ago I had an opportunity to speak with Telesco about the possibility of fighting Jones. Telesco, a 30-year-old native of Port Chester, Upstate New York, is one of the few fighters today that has some type of power and respectable skills to compete with Jones.

Basically, Telesco, who turned professional in 1991, has a record of 22-2, 18KOs. His only two losses occurred during his first year in his 3rd and 6th pro-bouts to Ernest Mateen (L 4, L 6). Mateen, was once a former sparring partner of one James Toney, who lost the IBF middleweight title to Jones in 1994.

Since then, Telesco has won his previous 18 fights, 14 by kayo with 10 of them within four rounds.

Amongst the bigger names he has met, Telesco has also defeated Frank Tate (KO 11), who lost two world title bids to former WBA 175-pound champ, Virgil Hill (L 12, L 12). Bo James, in a bid to win a world title several years ago, was stopped by the man Jones defeated to win his first world title, current IBF 160-pound champ, Bernard Hopkins (KO 4).

Lastly, in his previous showing on October 22, Telesco knocked out Willi Taylor (KO 11). Taylor, is the same fighter that lost a bid to win the IBF 175-pound crown to Reggie Johnson (W 12), who Jones out-pointed in June to unify the light-heavyweight championship.

Between Mateen, James, Tate, and Taylor, the quality of Telesco's opposition had a combined record of 102-25. Not bad, but considering their most impressive victories did not over-shadow their horrid losses in world title bids.

Nonetheless, Telesco feels he is ready to meet Jones for the gold.

"Right now, my attorney spoke to HBO to talk to Murad Muhhamed - Jones' manger, Telesco said. "If M & M wanted the fight, they would buy the fight."

Telesco truly feels that his purpose is to capture the light-heavyweight championship Jones has held twice in the past three years. Unlike the opponents Jones has made look bad during his reign: Del Valle (W 12), Griffin (KO 1), McCallum (W 12), Hill ( W 12), and Johnson (W 12), Telesco is determined to not end-up like the rest. As well as, fulfill his promise to his late mother.

"People look to say look at him, look at that fool. Won't make that mistake - I will be the next light-heavyweight champ, of the world! I promised my mom before she passed that I would be the light-heavyweight champ of the world. It's a promise that has to be made."

Telesco, in 1995, lost his mother to a heart attack while he was in prison for three years. His father passed from cancer in 1997. Telesco says that if he does not have the energy to deliver home his promise, the greater powers will.

"If I don't take may hand and punch him, my mom would take my hand and punch him," Telesco says of the opportunity to defeat Jones for the world championship.

"They did say that Telesco is the hardest puncher in this division - light-heavy." They looked to me to spar with Carl "The Truth" Williams, in his day, to prepare him for Tommy Morrison."

While Telesco himself has not looked overwhelmingly impressive in his past several outings, he constantly hounds Jones of the type of guys he faces asking, "how many real light-heavy's has he fought?"

"The only real light-heavyweight he's fought was Lou Del Valle, and he dropped him," Telesco speaking of Jones' one-punch, knockdown against Del Valle, the man Jones defeated to capture the WBA light-heavyweight crown.

It was July 1998, Madsion Square Garden was the site, as Jones was floored by a sharp left-hand to the side of his head when he fought Del Valle. Jones still dominated, winning 11 of the 12 rounds fought - taking home two titles, not one.

"If he fell on Del Valle's punch, he's going to sleep - for real! Roy Jones ain't no goddest to me. I don't care who he is. I don't care whoever got that title."

Regardless if Jones is champion or not, Telesco is willing to fight whomever to fulfill his promise to his mom.


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