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Artur Grigorian Defends WBO Lightweight Title in a Thrilling Battle: Fabian Weber

Oberhausen - 10 October 1999. Reigning WBO lightweight champion Artur "King" Grigorian defended his title against unbeaten number one challenger Michael Clark with a thrilling fifth round knockout. The fight was the chief supporter for Vitali Klitschko's WBO heavyweight title defense against Ed Mahone at Arena Oberhausen.

Both fighters hit the canvas in the fast-paced fight before Grigorian caught Clark moving in with a right, knocking him out cleanly.

Grigorian, 61.1 kg / 134.7 lb, scored a knockdown two minutes into round one with a left cross and hurt his American opponent several times again with the same punch after the fight continued. In round two, however, Clark retaliated, when he upped the pace and repeatedly landed single right hands against the southpaw champion. After an even round three, Clark, 60.8 kg / 134 lb, hit the canvas in the fourth, when Grigorian hurt him deeply with an unintentional low blow. After the American recovered he rushed the German based in anger and, absorbing a counter of Grigorian, managed to score his own knockdown, when he landed a right hand to the side of "King" Artur's head.

The end came in round five when Clark moved forward into a precise counter punch of Grigorian that knocked the American unconscious for several minutes.

Grigorian improved his record to 27-0 (17 KO4s), whereas the previously undefeated Clark dropped to 24-1 (13 KO4s).

"It was my first big fight ever", the beaten Clark commented afterwards. "Grigorian looked heavier than me coming into the ring. That's why he was also stronger. The fight was even before he caught me with a very good shot."

"Grigorian is ready for a unification fight", promoter Klaus-Peter Kohl stated. "He had to get past his mandatory defense against Clark, who was already waiting for some time. Now we can devote our attention to higher aims."

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