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Commentaries on Klitschko's Second Round Knockout Over Hide: Fabian Weber

Worldwide Press Commentaries on Vitali Klitschko's second round knockout over Herbie Hide

Hamburg - 5 July 1999.

"At the moment of truth the Hamburg based Ukrainian proved to be dynamic and just as fast [as Hide]." (Bertram Job, Berliner Zeitung)

"Klitschko's a good puncher. He caught him with good shots and stopped him. The fight couldn't go on - simply as that. Anybody he hits he is going to knock out." (Frank Warren, Promoter of Herbie Hide)

"He looks the best of the leading contenders." (Don Majesky, American boxing historian)

"Klitschko connected with one of boxing's biggest right crosses to send Hide down. [.] Klitschko is likeable, educated, extremely tall and ruthless inside the ring." (Sunday Telegraph, London)

"[Klitschko] seemed to have every advantage. Not only was he heavier and much taller than Hide, but he was also faster and more assured. [.] He proved more competent and formidable than almost anyone expected." (Sunday Times, London)

"The undefeated 6ft 8in challenger, now the tallest heavyweight champion ever, was too big, too strong and too good." (The Guardian, London)

"He has fast hands and a good defence, and he wasn't slow as Herbie thought. He's big, he's white and he can hit." (Frank Bruno, former Heavyweight Champion)

"I really don't care now who wins the rematch between Lennox Lewis and Evander Holyfield with respect to unifying the title. As far as I'm concerned, after what I saw on Saturday night, that title is not uniformed until either guy takes on Klitschko." (Harold Lederman, boxing judge and HBO commentator)

"He would be competitive with all the guys we have on HBO." (Jim Lampley, HBO commentator)

"It didn't take him six such knockdowns to stop Hide as it did Riddick Bowe when he inflicted the only previous loss on Hide." (Ron Borges, The Boston Globe)

"Even by today's physical standards Klitschko, at 6ft 8in and more than 17 st, is impressively built and appears to have the priceless asset of hand speed." (Ken Jones, The Independent, London)

"The Olymp of the Gods of boxing narrowed. The heavyweights Evander Holyfield, Lennox Lewis and Mike Tyson, who had become lazy for all their money and fame, now have to share their privilege of global attention from press and public with an Ukrainian sledge hammer." (Christoph Rybarczyk, Hamburger Abendblatt)

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