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Fred Sternburg

November 24, 1999


LAS VEGAS -- Friends, Romans, Boxing Writers, lend us your ears! You have voiced your opinions on the outcome of the historic battle between two of the most explosive unbeaten stars of boxing: WBA super welterweight champion DAVID REID, 14-0 (7 KOs), and WBC/IBF welterweight champion FELIX TRINIDAD, 36-0 (30 KOs), for Reid's WBA title. The fight will take place, Fri day, March 3, outdoors, at CAESARS PALACE, and will be televised live on SET pay-per-view, beginning at 9 p.m. EST / 6 p.m. PST.

Here's what the "experts" predict:

"Trinidad by decision." - Tom Archdeacon, Dayton Daily News

"Reid in a stunning stoppage in six." - Ron Borges, Boston Globe

"I have always liked the way Trinidad fights, but I'm afraid this will be another case of a bridge too far. Reid by KO, and not too long into the fight." - Fred Burcombe, News of the World

"Both are too clever to be KO victims, so I see it as a tactical bout. Trinidad has a more pleasing style. Trinidad by close decision." - Michael Cisneros, Riverside (CA) Press-Enterprise

"Reid by decision. Too fast and too many boxing skills for Felix." - Tim Dahlberg, Associated Press

"Attempting to pick up where Oscar De La Hoya left off, Reid will box and move the way he did against Keith Mullings. But he's not as good a boxer as De La Hoya is and Trinidad will get to him just enough to score a close and (this time) a deserved decision win." - Bill Dettloff, The Ring

"Trinidad by KO 10." - George Diaz, Orlando Sun-Sentinel

"Trinidad by decision." - Steve Farhood, CNN-SI

"This is a fight David Reid can definitely win, and should take, given the money and prestige at stake. But Trinidad, his last performance against Oscar notwithstanding, is a top-of-the-line talent, in his prime and with vastly more experience. I'm guessing it'll pay off in a majority decision over Reid . . ." - Bernard Fernandez, Philadelphia Daily News

"Reid by decision." - Rick Folstad, Rocky Mountain News

"Reid for me. Trinidad was fortuitous to edge De La Hoya. Though he can punch, Trinidad could find Reid's power difficult to resist after moving up a division. Only inexperience may count against Reid, but I take the bigger man to win. As we say in the UK, 'a good big'un beats a good littl'un every time." - Kevin Garside, Daily Mirror

"Felix's experience against tougher opposition is deciding factor. Felix by decision." - Larry Hamel, Chicago Sun-Times

"This looks like another 'little' man moving up to challenge the 'bigger' man, a la Tommy Hearns moving up to fight Marvin Hagler, who knocked him out. Reid by KO late. - Colin Hart, The (London) Sun

"Trinidad by decision." - Randy Harvey, Los Angeles Times

"Reid, who is too strong for Trinidad, will win by decision." - Jay Heater, Contra Costa Times

"Reid by close decision." - Michael Hirsley, Chicago Tribune

"Trinidad, without conviction." - Richard Hoffer, Sports Illustrated

"Initially I picked Trinidad, but as the fight looms closer, I now think Trinidad is too mechanical. Speed and power will lead Reid to victory by decision." - Graham Houston, Boxing Monthly

"I like Reid by decision. Trinidad showed against De La Hoya he has trouble with quick fighters and Reid is as quick or quicker than Oscar and is definitely stronger. I think Reid will make Trinidad look bad." - Kevin Iole, Las Vegas Review-Journal

"Trinidad defeated De La Hoya, which is impressive on paper, but Reid is no De La Hoya. Reid is bigger, just as fast, and stronger. When it is over, Reid should still be undefeated and champion." - Ken Jones, The (London) Independent

"Trinidad by decision." - Dean Juipe, Las Vegas Sun

"A highly competitive fight that will be a war. Both will hit the deck. Reid KO 8." - Michael Katz, New York Daily News

"For the first time, Reid will be facing a fighter with superior skill, but he should be stronger in there. I'll take Trinidad's skills over Reid's strength in a 12-round decision." - Steve Kim, Los Angeles-based boxing radio talk show host

"Trinidad by decision." - George Kimball, Boston Herald

"Trinidad will go down, but pulls out a controversial decision. I see it as a very, very close fight with Reid's power bothering Trinidad." - Ken Kolasinski, Boxing Illustrated

"Trinidad in nine." - Franz Lidz, Sports Illustrated

"A breakthrough win for David Reid, who wins in an upset, 12-round split decision . . . Reid's speed and youth will win out." - John Lindsay, Scripps-Howard News Service

"Reid will be too strong, and Trinidad did not show very good movement at 147. It's not likely he will move faster at 154. Reid will stop Trinidad in 10." - Thom Loverro, The Washington Times

"Trinidad on a decision." - Joe Maxse, Cleveland Plain-Dealer

"I worry about Reid's eye and he may have to get off the canvas to win, but Reid has tremendous potential, great power and blinding speed. And he rises to the level of his opposition which is a sign of a great fighter. Trinidad is so brave he may get knocked spark out. Reid TKO 8." - Barry McGuigan, former WBA featherweight champion

"Trinidad hasn't fought anyone as big as Reid, who can hit as hard as Reid, and I really like Al Mitchell in Reid's corner. Reid by KO, late!" - Larry Michael, WestwoodOne Radio

"If it wasn't for David's eye, I would pick him. But I truly believe that is a hindrance to him, more so as the fight goes on. Trinidad TKO 10." - Robert Morales, Pasadena Star-News

"A good big fighter will beat a good little fighter 99.9% of the time. Since Trinidad is moving up to Reid's weight, I'm going with Reid by a strong decision." - Sean O'Grady, former WBA lightweight champion

"If the Trinidad that shows up against Reid is the same Trinidad that showed up against De La Hoya, then it's Reid by late-round stoppage. If it's the old 'bombs away Trinidad,' then it's Trinidad inside five." - Tony Paige, WFAN-AM

"This will be Reid's breakout performance, and he will win by unanimous decision. Despite the fact that both are champions, Reid has more to prove." - Santos Perez, Miami Herald

"I see Trinidad winning this one by late stoppage, say the ninth round. Trinidad's potent right hand against Reid's bad eye will be more of a factor than Reid's superior speed out-slicking Trinidad like De La Hoya." - Dan Rafael, Binghamton (NY) Press & Sun Bulletin

"Trinidad with his speed and power will close Reid's eye within five rounds. Trinidad TKO 5." - Sharon Robb, Ft. Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel

"Reid by decision." - Ken Rodriguez, Miami Herald

"Reid will win on March 3. He's bigger, stronger and faster than Trinidad. Simple as that." - Michael Rosenthal, Los Angeles Daily News

"I think if Reid stays away from Trinidad in the beginning and wears him down in the end, Reid would win. Trinidad might start for the KO in the beginning, if Reid isn't ready or caught off-guard, Trinidad will win within the first six rounds. My heart says Reid and my mind says Trinidad." - Sal Santamaria, Chicago Boxing

"Reid wins by KO." - Jon Saraceno, USA Today

"Reid should hurt Trinidad, but Trinidad will hurt Reid more. Trinidad TKO 11." - John Scheimnan, The Ring

"Reid KO 8." - Jay Searcy, Philadelphia Inquirer

"It comes down to Reid's hand speed against Trinidad's experience. Reid has the edge in power. Reid by a close decision." - Ed Schuyler, Jr, Associated Press

"David Reid will win." - Dan Sisneros, Professional Boxing Update /Flash

"If Trinidad fights the same way he fought De La Hoya, he won't last one round. Regardless, Reid wins by decision." - Tim Smith, The New York Times

"Experience, savvy, swing the pendulum in favor of Tito. But 12 entertaining rounds of boxing precede celebration by Trinidad and Trinidaddy." - William Stickney, Houston Chronicle

"I have to give Trinidad a slight edge . . . Trinidad by decision." - Chris Thorne, (Newark) Star-Ledger

"Reid will give Felix fits early the Trinidad will turn it on late. Trinidad TKO 10." - Ray Wheatley, World of Boxing-Australia

"Trinidad by unanimous decision." - John Whisler, San Antonio Express - News

"Reid by TKO 11." - Rick Wright, Albuquerque Journal

POLL TOTALS Reid 26 (10 by KO)
Trinidad 23 (7 by KO)
Even 2



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