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"People usually go to jail for burglary like this" Tony Kornheiser, The Washington Post.  "It was like announcing a bathing-suit contest tie between Cindy Crawford and Babe, the pig" Rick Telander, Chicago Sun-Times."Rematch!   Let's do it again!," Don King, promoter

Cries of "ENOUGH!" are echoing throughout the world of boxing from fans, media and fighters alike, after last Saturday night's diaster of a decision calling the Evander Holyfield -Lennox Lewis world heavyweight Championship unification fight a "Draw."
"We all know it was a terrible decision," said Dan Goossen, President of AMERICA PRESENTS.  "But complaining about it won't improve boxing in the future, we need concrete changes, now!"
Both Goossen and Mat Tinley, A.P. CEO, have suggested the following changes to prevent a recurrence of last Saturday night's travesty.         

1.  Promoters have to divorce themselves from all financial obligations paid directly to the officials of the promotion.
2.  Referees and judges have to be better trained.  Professional sports leagues, including the NBA, the NFL and MLB, continually hold classes and seminars to train and certify their referees, linesmen, and umpires.
The same must be true for boxing.  A person of integrity and experience like Mills Lane, a respected referee, judge and commentator, should be named as a "Head of Officials," supervising, the training and evaluating referees and judges.
3. Make state commissions responsible for all fights in their jurisdiction. These state commissions should appoint the judges and referees for each event.

As a boxing promoter, AMERICA PRESENTS pledges to assist both Senator John McCain and New York Attorney General Eliot Spitzer in their quest to prevent these injustices from occurring again.

The public's trust has to be respected.  The boxing fan, whether he or she is buying a ticket to the event or viewing a broadcast of the event, should have the same level of confidence in the impartiality and competence of the officiating as he or she would have in the umpiring of a Major League Baseball game or the refereeing of a National Football League or an NBA game.

Fred Sternburg
Vice President,

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